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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

718-720 Rose Goes Before City Planning


The Rose project proceeded to the City Planning Wednesday.

“They approved the tract map, which includes a slight decrease in the size of the sidewalk dedication,” said Mark Ryavec president of Venice Stakeholders Association. “All the other matters, the Coastal Development Permit (CDP), CEQA exemption, Project Permit and Density Bonus Waivers were taken under advisement by planner Oliver Netburn who will prepare a set of recommendations to the City Planning Commission.

“I would urge the LUPC to reconsider the project in light of the fraudulent project description and non-operable parking covenant and submit a new recommendation to the VNC.”

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  1. Celeste Chada

    I attended this meeting. The land baron Steve Clare of the VCH paraded in a giant group of homeless kids/early 20-somethings that he gets paid to service. Shameless using at-risk people for commercial gain. The proposed building is hideous and completely out of character with the neighborhood – but of course, the VCH and Steve Clare tried to portray this as neighbors not wanting homeless services in the neighborhood. This is about a giant, hideous building that has no parking being built to set a precedent for other giant buildings … that’s all the opposition is about.

  2. Venice

    The corruption is out of control in Venice

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