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Venice Update

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Safran Submits for Permits to Build


Thomas Safran Associates submitted paperwork for permits and coastal commission review relating to Oxford Triangle proposed 98-unit homeless project proposed for the Thatcher Yard.

Karen Kennedy of the Oxford Triangle Association (OTA) said this was a standard procedure for a developer to submit for permits and coastal commission review and approval. It is part of the process and was expected, she said. The OTA has requested a complete set of the application submittals for CPC-2018-5593-CU-DB-CDP-MEL-SSPP-WDI-SPR. Definitions of the code by Kennedy:

CU – Conditional Use (for a public private venture in a PF Zone)
DB – Density Bonus (for the affordable housing)
CDP – Coastal Development Permit (for a project in the coastal zone)
MEL – Mello Compliance (re: housing in the coastal zone)
SPP – Specific Plan Project Permit Compliance (for a project located within the Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan, Oxford Triangle Subarea)
WDI – Waiver of Dedication or Improvement (to NOT widen and improve the cul-de-sac on Oxford to accommodate more traffic/circulation)
SPR – Site Plan Review (for any project which creates more than 50 dwelling units)

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  1. Venice

    Who got paid off to get this off the ground so fast. Those property values will soon be in the toilet.

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