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How does BID get the figures for work done?

One member of the Business Improvement District (BID) wanted to know how the monthly progress figures were obtained.

Connie Brooks, who handles the communications for the BID, reached out to Chrysalis and Allied for further classification on how they collect the monthly figures. This is what they had to say.

CHRYSALIS (Clean Team vendor)
All the stats are collected through our Clean Team supervisor, Paul Williams, who is an employee of Chrysalis – as are all Clean Team personnel. Paul is aware of and responsible for reporting all instances of pressure washing, graffiti removal and bulk item pickup. For trash bag collection, there is a physical count each day when bags are unloaded from the trucks into dumpsters. Paul gives his accounting of each day’s work to Chrysalis who compiles our monthly tallies. Our Chrysalis account manager, Eleni Polakoff, sends the numbers to me for inclusion in our infographic.

ALLIED (Sate Team vendor)
Each Safe Team member is responsible for reporting/documenting every interaction they have throughout the day. Interactions are then entered into the Allied CyCop data base, and categorized through a drop down menu of classifications. The reporting process works as follows: during the hours when dispatch is on the clock, Safe Team members report to the dispatcher who then makes daily Allied CyCop system entries for the entire team. When dispatch is not on the clock, one Safe Team member is assigned to compile the daily reports from the entire team and make the daily Allied CyCop entries. Azucena Vela, our Safe Team leader – who is an employee of Allied as are all Safe Team personnel – then generates a monthly report from these CyCop stats and sends me numbers for inclusion in our infographic.

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