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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

CVS at Rose and Main Broken Into by Transient


Note: Photo and info supplied by Rick Swinger.

The CVS drug store/pharmacy at Rose and Main was vandalized Sunday (23 September) and had to close its doors until Monday.

A homeless transient camping nearby broke the Money Gram machine and took down the battery showcase. The suspect has been arrested.

Recently, according to Rick Swinger, the Rabbi’s van at Hampton and Rose had a window broken and another car was broken into at the Firehouse Cafe.

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  1. Venice

    Elections have consequences

  2. Marshall W Blanchard

    Hello Venice from S Los Angeles. We feel for you and your situation in Venice as we are experiencing the same thing here. We have found that NONE of the laws are being enforced from clean up, tents up and down when they are suppose to be. Municipal Codes are not being enforced. We have no protection or assistance from LAPD. We have to just keep fighting.

  3. Venice

    The property values are taking a real nose dive thanks to the bums.

  4. rick swinger

    2018 9/25 730am Hampton Dr next to St. Joseph Corporation. Trash and pollution so massive it set a new record for the residences that live next to SJC on Hampton Dr! SJC sent out their 3C team with RN but said “My guess was as good as theirs why SJC didn’t have their cleanup crew respond to this Trash Attack. Does anybody know if SJC had their required 6 month meeting this time and if not when will they have one? See more pic and vids of this morning and last 2 years at… https://www.facebook.com/illegalDumpingVeniceBeach2016/?ref=bookmarks

  5. Rick Swinger

    I just got this text tonight and my neighbor ask me to forward this around. She too is upset at our SLO Kristan Delatori An email I just received tonight at 1130pm… It is Monday, 24 September I just got home there is a tent that is blocking the entire sidewalk across the street from my house which means that George who got maimed cannot walk down cannot be pushed in a wheelchair cannot have access to that sidewalk neither can I neither can my blind neighbor neither can any Vietnam vet neither can anybody it’s against the law I called the police. you need to please get on top of this Officer Delatori and have the police here every night to get this sidewalk cleared for my maimed Neighbour and everyone else in this neighborhood . I’m forwarding this to the entire neighborhood we want an answer .we want someone here every single night. our lives have been threatened . people of been attacked and maimed. these tents that take up the entire sidewalk are AGAINST THE LAW and that law needs to be enforced 24 seven . there needles and syringes all over the place and fecal matter. it’s enough and gotten really bad since Bonin was elected period . But the law is the law and you can uphold that law. Thank you .

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