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Economic Roundtable Questions Validity of LAHSA Homeless Count

By Darryl DuFay

The Economic Roundtable (ER) issued a Report questioning the validity of the 2017 Annual Homeless Count conducted by the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA).  The LA Times wrote an article on the Report.  

LAHSA’s Executive Director Peter Lynn was not pleased and responded with a dismissive statement.  ER has been critical of LAHSA’s methodology, especially its reluctance to acknowledge statical error.

LAHSA covers all of LA County with its ten million people.  The City of Los Angeles, with its four million, is the largest city in the County.  The County and City interact but the City kind of operates as an independent entity on homelessness.  The greatest difference is the City provides the funds for its homeless construction with “HHH” money.  The County provides the homeless services for the whole County with “H” money.

ER does statistical analysis of homelessness.  They applied to do the 2018 Annual Homeless Count.  It was won by USC who had done the 2017 count.  They have completed three reports. The latest Report is below.  ER caught the attention of County Supervisor Sheila Khuehl who was very interested in the second report “Escape Route” and had a press release with them.  She was looking forward to the Report below.

What was so interesting in the reports is that the homeless population is NOT homogenous when viewed on the length of time they are homeless.  People move in and out over a year’s time.  ER was amazed how the homeless are able to deal with their varied situations.

The report stated that the early onset of being homeless when a person is in and out of housing and most vulnerable is where support services and resources should be focused. Prevention of chronic homelessness should be the objective.

The importance of all of this is that there are no absolute answers to homelessness and the people should not be set up to believe that there are.

This is the LA Times article with an interactive example. 

This is the report, which is technical.  Annualized_Model_Final-8-17-2018

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