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San Francisco Homeless Advocacy Group Tosses BIDs Under the Bus

My Opinion Reta Moser

LA Times reported about a report by the Policy Advocacy Clinic at UC Berkeley School of Law. The report was written for the Western Regional Advocacy Project, a San Francisco homeless advocacy group.

Western Regional Advocacy Project released the report to the public with this statement: “BIDs are a concerted and growing effort to erase from cities any sign of vast inequality while at the same time perpetuating it,” the group’s executive director, Paul Boden, said in a statement. “BIDs work to manufacture the appearance of prosperity in the city square but that farce comes at the expense of basic human rights for the unhoused poor.”

My personal observation of the Venice BID operation is to clean up the areas that are not cleaned up, look blighted, and are totally unsanitary. Many homeless are within the BID area. But area covered by BID is not a targeted homeless area.

Homeless people, in general, do not clean up after themselves. They create an unsanitary blight in the neighborhood where they reside. Both the safe and the clean teams for the BID have had positive comments from the homeless, not negative, and certainly reports of affecting homeless adversely have not been the case, quite the contrary.

See the Venice BID August report https://veniceupdate.com/2018/09/17/bid-august-report-of-save-and-clean-operations/ Read some of Rick Swinger’s reports of rats, alley defecation. The BID doesn’t even address those problems. They clean up graffiti, pickup trash. Once again see their report for August. LA Times article http://enewspaper.latimes.com/infinity/article_share.aspx?guid=029721af-5783-4edf-ba07-5ae28d11c634

This document looks like it was slanted for the people paying for it. Shameful.

Venice BID Map

Comments (5)

  1. Lee

    Three people killed and three people severely injured by suspected homeless within in the last week in the Los Angeles area, and those are just the publicized cases. Our neighborhoods need to be protected, the apathy of our councilman and the hand tying of the LAPD needs to stop!!!

  2. Steven Burns

    A “Report”, its from an advocacy group and all just a manifesto of their opinion. We need more data and accurate politically unbiased analysis of the information. From facts come answers, from advocates come nothing but biased opinions. That applies to every direction of any issue, btw. I actually applaud the Western Regional etc. for claiming to be advocates up front, I vilify any media which quotes it like a reliable or unbiased source.

  3. Venice

    We need to drive these bums from the area period. End the bum rule of our streets

  4. Anonymous


    This is what happens when you allow homeless encampments to exist in residential areas – Iowa State female golf star murdered on the golf course in broad daylight by a homeless man living in a nearby tent. The man had recently told a fellow homeless man that he had the “urge to rape and kill a woman.”

    Shameful, horrible and a very real reminder of what we are all living around. Please forward this New York Times story to anyone that supports homeless encampments in residential areas and dismissed the very REAL safety risks to residents.


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