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Venice Update

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VNC adds new member, withdraws many motions

By Angela McGregor

Monday night’s VNC meeting — rescheduled from Tuesday due to the Jewish Holiday — featured the election of a new Community Interest Board member. Alex Neiman, a 28 year old design and media professional who grew up and lives in Venice, was elected to replace Matt Shaw, who stepped down from the board in August. According to his application, Mr. Neiman’s vision for Venice is “an inclusive community that practices measured and deliberate growth. I want us to grow in a way that is acknowledges our past, is respectful to our current residents and business owners, and sets us apart from our neighbors in the future. I believe there is a world where a community’s economy “booms” without sacrificing the fabric of what made it great to begin with.”

According to the representative from County Supervisor Keuhl’s office, the bike path, which is currently closed for re-striping and concrete repair, will likely re-open by October 20. The County is also currently exploring the addition of a sand wall, which would require a grant to cover its considerable cost. In addition, the County is allocating $2.5 million toward Bridge Housing at the Brentwood VA, which would service up to 100 vets at a time.

A motion to support Scooter Enforcement and Guidelines pertaining to the OFW and Bike Path was pulled due to the fact that the City has recently passed just such guidelines. Electric scooter apps now include “geo-fencing”, which designates the north end of the Braude Bike path as off-limits.

A number of other motions and items were also pulled, including a number of LUPC items (the CUP for alcohol service at 1205 Abbot Kinney, the demolition of 2308 Pisani Place and the new 2 unit subdivision at 1011 5th Avenue) which were all postponed to next month.

The final motion of the evening was a request to the City Council to designate Venice a “Disproportionately Impacted Area” in the Cannabis Social Equity program, whose goal is ” to give a boost to past victims of cannabis criminalization by offering assistance and benefits to any communities that were unfairly punished by the drug war” according to their site: https://www.californiacannabiscpa.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-los-angeles-cannabis-social-equity-program .This measure passed, 11-0, with 3 abstaining.

The 2019 VNC Board elections will likely be held the first week of June, and all stakeholders are encouraged to consider running.

The next VNC Board meeting will be Tuesday, October 16th.

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