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Crime in Oxford Triangle — 7 to 10 Days

Is crime up or is crime down? Up … Down … It doesn’t matter; it is all relative to the crime in one’s immediate area. If one has crime in his neighborhood, crime is up no matter what the statistics have to say.

Oxford Triangle had several incidents within seven to 10 days recently that, of course, made it appear that crime was up. Whether crime statistics say crime is up or not didn’t matter to the neighbors in the Oxford Triangle. Crime was up.


It started with one person trying to break-in a house. People who have cameras have an advantage. Someone in the house let the person know they were at home. The picture one person identified as the man who has been hanging at Walgreens, Lincoln and Washington.


Then there was the lady with the pink Mohawk haircut, pink shirt who set off the alarms in one house, alerted police and the helicopter, only to go into another neighborhood where a door was unlocked and the cleaning lady was pushed aside. She apparently tried to break into several places in the Del Rey gated community. Police were called but commenter said they never arrived.

One person made the following comment: “More crime daily now. Very disturbing. Again, these are not your unfortunate homeless people. These are grifters, druggies, etc.” One wants to add “drifters” to the definition also. They are here today and gone tomorrow.


Early one morning one naked fellow was running thru traffic to cross Lincoln and made it to Walgreens Drug store. He danced around the area before entering Walgreens. Police came and took him in the police car.

Couple days later he was at the corner of Lincoln and Washington playing with a soccer ball, fully clothed.


One lady and her daughter had three young men on bicycles throw rocks and dog feces at them while they were in front of their opened garage. Lady has a photo and will be filing charges.

And this is just what has happened in the Oxford Triangle in the last 7 to 10 days. One cannot believe that other neighborhoods are not burdened with such. The application Nextdoor.com is excellent for reporting incidents and following them.

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