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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VCH to Present Building Plans for New Office and 35 PSH Units to LUPC Tonight

Venice Community Housing (VCH) will present their plans for building a new office and 35 permanent supportive housing units at the Venice Neighborhood Council Land Use and Planning Committee 6:30 pm tonight (30 August)at the Oakwood Recreation Center.

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  1. Anonymous

    St Joe’s has lied, cheated, made deals that were not kept and has been a general pain in the ass for residents since the early-1990s. The only time that they have been civil and a bit conciliatory was when they were trying to have the neighbors accept the construction of the property on Hampton, and according to neighbors, still have not completely complied with the conditions after all of these years. Hide behind the image of needy homeless, knowing full well that the majority of transients in Venice are substance abusers and service resistant, while collecting millions every year. Don’t expect much from St Joseph. They are paid by the City of Santa Monica to keep the homeless in Venice

  2. Rick Swinger

    Linda Lucks Just for the record I live and own property on Rose Ave and if you want to change the specific plan and allow all buildings to go up 4 floors I’m ok with that but just your location because you are a social service corporation one of many on Rose ave and nearby I say no. We have been through this before with Saint Joseph Center Corporation giving them OK to build higher on Hampton Dr with their agreements made to the city and residents on clean up crews they were going to provide everyday they are open that very seldom if at all show up. When they did show as documented here they didn’t clean the feces of their clients in a proper way as documented here!

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