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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Plumbers Donate Time for Post Office Beautification Project

A crew of plumbers from Roy Smith Plumbing of Mar Vista donated their time at the Venice Post Office to fix the 28-year-old irrigation system that was installed to water the newly planted Italian Stone Pines and bougainvillea.


A new pine has been installed where one died and planter boxes with succulents have been installed surrounding the property. Neighbors have contributed time and money to have this project accomplished.

“Apparently many years ago a vehicle broke a riser with a spigot on top on the east side of the main driveway into the PO from Grand,” wrote Mark Ryavec. So, the system constantly leaked. Since no one from the neighborhood was then watering either the Pines, the bougainvillea, or the cactus in the garden near the traffic circle, the manager at the post office just had the pipe cut underground and the water feed from the post office capped. With the planters now installed we need easier access to water.

“The plumbing crew excavated the broken pipe and the one that had been cut and are in the process of fixing both.

“They also will install spigots with special keys at several points around the perimeter of the PO’s parking lot (splicing into the same water line installed by Jim Murez and neighbors) that will be controlled by a turn-on at the southwest corner of the PO building.

“So, we will not have to stretch hoses for 200 or 300 feet, but will be able to attach a shorter hose to one of the spigots, turn it on with the key (and turn on the system at the corner of the building) and water the plants. And it will be easy to move the hoses out to the sidewalk with one of the hose caddies.”

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    We need volunteerism in Venice. Thank you for doing this!

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