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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Without a Ceremony, Bird and Lime Get Burials at Canals


By Darryl DuFay

The refusal of the Los Angeles City Council to recognized and judiciously move on the illegal and uncontrolled “Bird and Lime” scooters has taken a new disastrous direction in the Venice Canals. Frustration mixed with vandalism threatens the water quality and the fish and wildlife of the canals.



Electric scooters are being thrown into the canals. Besides tires and brake pads, we are faced with electric batteries in salt water. The photo below shows the valiant efforts of concerned neighbors to remove the five latest scooters from Grand Canal. They were by the tidal gates at Washington Blvd. The neighbors reported a “milky” substance oozing from the scooters.

Just for safety reasons the 15 mph electric scooters do not belong on the Venice Canals substandard fourfoot wide sidewalks. Add, plants growing onto and over the sidewalks from the adjacent homes and you can’t safely walk along the canals. Safely like in two abreast. A scooter is a disaster!

Possibly the CA Coastal Commission will take an interest in this festering situation.

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  1. Venice guy

    I didn’t know they ran underwater.

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