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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Gets No. 4 Scrambled Crosswalk in Los Angeles — Washington and Pacific Blvd

(Photo courtesy of David Graham-Caso, Chief of Staff to Councilman Bonin.)

(29 Aug 2018)Councilman Mike Bonin, LADOT General Manager Seleta Reynolds, and Glabe Hartley, Cow’s End owner walk abreast with other dignitaries behind to celebrate the Venice Scrambled Crosswalk opening early Tuesday morning.

Other people had tried it and loved it as cars that had normally been allowed to make a right on a red light honked.

Bikes and Scooters are considered vehicles in California; therefore, they can cross when pedestrians cross only if they walk their bikes or scooters. If they ride, they must go with the cars.

This is one of the most used and confusing intersections in Venice. Not all corners allowed pedestrians, and there were right turns that could turn into walkers. Also there is a bike path in the middle of Washington Blvd, going west,  with cars turning right and cars going forward. All that was confusing is eliminated in the “scramble.” Now it is all stop and cross.  Bikes in the middle can walk their bikes or wait for the light. Getting to the light for bikers is still done carefully.

Several groups engaged the councilman in conversation regarding the MTA lot for a “bridge housing” site. Part of the conversation was recorded but everyone was talking and questions and answers are not distinct.  Just a bad recording.

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  1. Anonymous

    I do not believe the Mike Bonin sob story. He might have dabbled in drugs and booze and couch surfed a bit but this man was never homeless or sleeping regularly in his car. He never mentions how he got sober, what organizations helped him get housing, or the support he got during that time. He didn’t get help from VCH or St. Joseph’s. He isn’t making policy based on his experience – which one could understand and even applaud. He is simply stretching the already thin narrative to justify his absurd policy decisions and economic carelessness.

  2. Anonymous

    While I am not defending Mike Bonin for the many concerns and challenges he has dumped upon residents, it is unfair to view the situation this way. Mike had his demons and people helped him and he has been an active public servant for many years after defeating them. Hi feels that others deserve the same help and views that many would be able to do the same. Unlike his predecessor, Bill Rosendahl, Mike has no intention to try to keep a balance between his “mission” and what is expected by Venice residents. He also is supported by the ultra-liberal pert of the LA area Democratic party and has the support of the social service industry, people living in CD11 outside of Venice, and residents of adjoining cities that are not part of the City of LA (ie Santa Monica, West Hollywood, and Culver City. Mike views himself as a “futurist” and wants to be known as the guiding light into the future. God help us…

  3. travis

    I asked Bonin why we don’t build outside the city. We need more housing and we have people who need jobs sleeping on the sidewalk. He replied that the homeless people need homes in venice because they have jobs here.

    1. This is simply untrue.
    2. If it were true, why can’t they commute like everyone else.

    I asked Bonin for the surveys and he won’t give them to us. He is clearly lying about how many people are in favor of the homeless shelter in the MTA lot.

    I did some research into his background and I found that Bonin was a drug addict and homeless….so with no business experience and a history of personal failure, he was elected district councilman with roughly 12% of the vote. This explains everything. He was a failure on a personal level and now he’s a failure to the entire City by making it acceptable for drug addicts and homeless people (like himself) to camp out in Venice.

    He was a failure in life and now he’s allowing thousands to come to LA to be failures in life on our sidewalks.

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