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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Scooters on Speedway at Washington

(Photo courtesy of Wolf Seeberg.)

Scooters lined up on Speedway at Washington Blvd.

Garbage collectors will be happy to see scooters surrounding bin.

Comments (3)

  1. Venice guy

    If they park on your property you own it and you can sell it back to them.

  2. Lee

    I’ve had 2 blocking my driveway in the last week, if I find another blocking access I’m going to put it in my garage and make them come knock on my door to get it returned. They seem to have exploded in number over the last few weeks, there needs to be a limit to the number of scooters at the very least, I also would be all for a ban on leaving them in residential areas!

  3. Even lined up these things are a blight. Ugh.

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