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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

By 10:30 Mayor and Councilman Were a “No-Show” for Door-to-Door MTA Canvassing; Training for Door-to-Door was Given


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People came, they chatted with one another, they waived their signs. The groups for and against were probably equally divided but the group against had more signs. Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin were to arrive at 9:30.

People started lining up at 9 am. Registrations started at 9:30 and people went for training. One was not allowed in training room unless he had a name tag, which meant he had registered. Training rooms were set up in three places … one the theatre, one the gift shop and one upstairs. No one seemed to know what happened in the training rooms.

The Mayor and Councilman Bonin were to arrive at 9:30. Time passed. People were sent to the patio for reception of Mayor and Councilman. Scuttlebutt was “they were on their way … they were a no-show.”


Judy Goldman handed out a sheet of questions Questions to be Asked by a Few Citizens  that several Venetians had worked to assemble. The group for the Bridge Housing passed out two pages of LA CAN Statement on Garcetti’s 49M Emergency Shelter Plan.   Page 2 of LA CAN Statement on Garcetti’s 49M Emergency Shelter Plan.

The only official document regarding Bridge Housing is the draft Los Angeles Homeless Services Agency (LAHSA) has provided of the Scope of the Required Service (SRS) that must be provided homeless participants of Bridge Housing.

There were a few people from out of the area. One was from San Pedro. She was asked why she was attending but got no response. One lady who had a scarf around her head questioned why one participant was wearing the jewelry she was wearing.

Even the homeless attended. David Busch was there to explain to those who would listen how he wanted to house the homeless. Jeremy Minney who has been in Venice for a while had other ideas.

The general talk was that people had questions and there were no available answers. Also Venetians did not like the idea of the Bridge Housing being put in Venice; there are other cities in CD11. Venice has enough homeless and has provided enough. “Time to share,” one said.

Neither the Mayor nor the Councilman had arrived by 10:45. People started to go home.

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Comments (6)

  1. D

    Mike Bonin should put his money where his mouth is. Do what your predecessor Bill Rosendahl did and give a homeless person a place to stay in your own home. Also provide a place for the homeless to stay at your field office locations. Why don’t you test the experiment yourself before you ram this down people’s throats? C’mon Mr. Yimby, sir pat yourself on the back on FB.

  2. Rick Swinger

    The problem with Eric Garcetti and Mike Bonin allowing camping here near the beach and Public Storage is this. Transients love free stuff that gets dump out of this storage facility that has no on premise recycling. This pollution then spreads all over via shopping carts and eventually gets dump near our ocean. So the draw to camp next to this 1800 unit warehouse is great. With a warehouse this size it’s common to have Rats and it does. So many the homeless actually feed them! In combination of the non rat proof(rat feeders)trash cans Mr . Bonin supplied to 3rd has made this area the perfect rat nest. Now on top of that you have storm drains that feed all this pollution from 3rd directly to our public beach and playground where it pools up and breeds E.Coli bacteria. If you took a high school history or biology class you would know this combination of open sewer, Rats and people have had a tragic past. With Hepatitis A and all the other major diseases people can get from this exposure and no way to control the serial poopers camping here this is a formula for diseases of biblical proportions!

  3. […] the Mayor nor the Councilman had arrived by 10:45. People started to go home,” Venice Update wrote. “The general talk was that people had questions and there were no available answers. Also […]

  4. Nick Antonicello

    Cowards and wimps. They were told there was opposition and they never showed. They waited till the opposition left and then showed up hours later. Leadership from the back of the line. They both lack the ability to build consensus. They are embarrassing themselves and does Garcetti thinks it easier if he even attempts a presidential run? Both are jokes. If the opposition gets organized this can be stopped.

    • Jerome

      Did they actually show up at beyond baroque after 1:30pm? It was a graveyard by then.

    • D

      Nick, Bonin and Garcetti will duck and hide when faced with the opposition. They’ll spin every community backlash into proof of public support. The open house format was specifically designed to take away the fuel from the opposition. That’s why they keep doing them instead of a town hall format. Never take their online surveys because they’ll manipulate them , collect the data and turn them into profs public support and outreach. Bonin must feel the pain he has infected on his constuents. Get in his face at every opportunity even when he’s not working. Catch him at restaurants and public places and make him feel the frustration.

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