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Anonymous Does Some Fact Checking about Bridge Housing

Update received the following “myth- facts” in the mail and felt it was worthy of being printed.  It will remain anonymous until the group or person responsible steps up.Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.16.42  AM

Comments (4)

  1. Venice guy

    Bonin sure loves his bums.

  2. Venice guy

    These facts don’t lye. Bonin needs to take his bums elsewhere.

  3. VeniceCares

    This is not a list of facts…simply a weak list of uninformed opinions distributed by someone who clearly doesn’t want ANY kind of housing in Venice and will do and say anything to stop it.

    I can respect someone much more if they could just be honest and come righty out and say that they don’t want it rather than spread lies to try to influence others to oppose a plan that could end up helping our community and reduce the amount of homelessness we have. But to keep making shit up like this is just sad and pathetic.

    Many of these protestors are showing their worst selves and have lost any bit of dignity. It’s just sad that the loudest voice happens to be the ugliest voice. But fear does that to people and the ones who are spreading all these lies to create that fear should be ashamed of themselves. You are single handedly dividing this community with falsehoods.

    After being attacked about the bridge housing plan Saturday by one of the loudest protesters Mayor Garcetti asked him “what would you do?” and the tank top wearing big mouth replied incredulously …”I don’t know”. There you have it…big shot had his chance to be heard by the highest elected official in the city and he had nothing. Nothing but a Straw-mana with a list of complaints, a pamphlet full of lies and not a single solution. That’s the best of who we are? Christ…I hope not.

  4. Nick Antonicello

    The phony survey goes at the heart of Bonin’s continual deceptions. It was not a survey but a political “push poll.” Push polls are not designed to inform or extract opinion but rather persuade the respondent through extreme and outrageous predictions and forecasting should you not support the stated point-of-view of the caller. It is important to understand the duplicitous nature and Machiavellian strategies being deployed to make this flawed plan a reality! There are many good people being led astray bu this strategy that is beneath the most cynical of people with the exception of both Mayor Garcetti and Mike Bonin. It is an intentional attempt to confuse and lie to Venetians! Most people have trouble accepting this reality because on the surface why would the Mayor and a Councilman act in this fashion? The answer is politics. Garcetti has political delusions of grandeur as well as Bonin. Garcetti wants to be POTUS or at least considered as VP on the 2020 Democratic ticket. He has the Olympics coming here and lacks the infrastructure to properly host. Bonin wants to replace Garcetti in this never ending cycle of political musical chairs. It was Bonin’s political committee that wrote the survey questions and paid for it. It is his political committee that is running ads in the local media. This is all about a flawed and failed policy nobody wants except Mayor Garcetti and Councilman Bonin and I challenge either one of them to refute anything I’ve stated here to be false or untrue.

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