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News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

First Lutheran Church of Venice to Close The Venice Lutheran School — After 70 Years of Service


First Lutheran Church announced this week that the Venice Lutheran School (VLS), after 70 years serving the community,  would close as of the 2018/2019 school year.

The announcement from the church read:

After many prayers, conversations with stakeholders, data analysis and considering all the circumstances, the church’s Board of Christian Eduction (BOCE) made a motion and voted to close Venice Lutheran School starting with the 2018/2019 school year. Although an incredibly difficult decision, we felt this was the best and most responsible way forward for all. It’s with heavy hearts we send this email. 

One of the reasons given was the decrease in student enrollment/commitment of only 39 for the 2018/2019 year.

There will be an informal meeting at the First Lutheran Church, 815 Venice Blvd,, Monday (6 August) at 7 pm to answer questions.


Comments (9)

  1. Heather

    This is really sad. I went to First Lutheran as a child. They were kind and caring. Some of my favorite teachers and Principal/God Father worked there. Ironically I searched for First Lutheran to see if they had any job opportunities and found this announcement. It was a small, close knit school when I attended in the 80’s. I’m a Director of a Nature Based School on the East Coast, considering moving back to my home town. Most of my masters classes were with David Sobel. I was hoping to bring some of my Nature Based skill set to the school. It saddens me that they decided to close.

  2. Nick Z

    Well I guess Lutherans aren’t as bad as Catholics. I don’t think they burned people at the stake or covered up child molestation as a matter of official policy.

    • Nick Antonicello

      These simplistic talking points of hating religion and trying to paint all Catholics as child molesters is typical of those who despise those of faith and charity and the truly good people of this Lutheran School that has been a great neighbor to Venice for decades. Who are you to judge good and evil? To cast a net this wide and sit in judgement of those you never met or do not know is typical of the condescending liberal and pseudo intellectual mentality of this jerk who is truly intolerant and arrogant. Thankfully no one is running to your defense because they realize what a fool you are!

  3. Nick Z

    Maybe because they don’t want their kids taught that “Those who do not believe will go into eternal damnation in hell and all those who believe in Jesus as Savior will have eternal life in heaven”? This is straight from their webpage (bottom). They do have a nice music program though.


    • Nick Antonicello

      What is wrong with being religious or faithful? Those are their beliefs. I have no problem with that. Believing in Jesus is now a negative? What is your point? You’re watching way too much of Bill Maher…

      • Nick Z

        Nick A – So you have no problem with Islamic Jihadists teaching their kids that if they suicide bomb infidel Christians they will go to heaven because God supports it? If you can’t see how indoctrinating children to believe that an unquestionable God would condemn non-believers to an eternity of torture, and how that might impact how those children perceive the value of the lives of those “non-believers”, then I have to ask if you’ve ever had kids, they take things very literally. That’s why conversion to any religion should really be left to adulthood when people can make informed decisions rather than being brainwashed from birth. But this isn’t the venue for such discussions, so I’ll leave it at that.

        • Nick Antonicello

          You’re comparing Lutherans to Islamic terrorists? They have resided in Venice for 70 years. Are you insane? Children who attend that school have parents who believe in the Lutheran tradition and demand a religious education. Do you hate religion and God this much that you would trash these fine people to make some silly point that all religions by definition are dangerous? You know what is dangerous, this kind of Bill Maher style fear and bigotry. Your comments are completely out of bounds with no semblance of facts, figures or realities to defend such a radical opinion. You owe that church and that school an apology.

          • Nick Z

            But back to the original question – why don’t parents want to send their kids there despite the generally poor options for public education? One reason might be that Venice is a relatively progressive place and parents (I am one), may not be comfortable having their children taught by people who advertise on their website that non-believers will burn in hell forever.

  4. Nick Antonicello

    What a blow to the community. Parochial education just can’t compete with the bloated and endless funding of public education. I would have thought with the increases in children in Venice they would have thrived. That is not the case.

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