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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Beach BID Cleans Up the Place



This is the Venice Beach Business Improvement District (BID) report for June.

The 15 person VB BID Safe Team helps people throughout the district.

In addition to the stats above, here are a few more services performed in June:

16 People safely escorted to their destination
6 Noise complaints responded to
1 Kitten rescued from a storm drain

The VB BID is dedicated to making sure that LA City and County continue providing services at or above the levels provided before we began working in Venice. In support of that commitment, we do things like this:

31 Damaged street signs reported for replacement

We have 15 VB BID Clean Team workers. They are all clients of Chrysalis transitioning toward personal employment goals while increasing their on-the-job skills and earning a paycheck

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  1. Anonymous

    Bonin’s prior meth addiction keeps him from being objective on homeless junkies.

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