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Santa Monica Impounds Scooters

By Darryl DuFay

The City of Santa Monica has moved on electric scooter enforcement, commonly known as “Birds” and “Limes.”  The SMPD began an education and enforcement campaign on the beach bike path.  E-Scooters are not permitted on the beach bike path, in parks, or on sidewalks.

Here is a posting from July 20th Nextdoor.scooters

Birds and Limes, Oh My!
Santa Monica Police spent hours confiscating Birds and Lime scooters this afternoon on the beach bike path. Over 120 were impounded. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the path.

Status of Los Angeles Regulations for  Scooters
Following the photo is information on the status of the City of Los Angeles dealing with E-Scooters.

Two Committees of the Los Angeles City Council are working on Scooters: Transportation, chaired by Mike Bonin, and Public Works and Gang Reduction, chaired by Bob Blumenfield.  The Council File is No. 17-1125.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) prepared an extensive twenty-five page report for the committees.  It is entitled: “Dockless On-Demand Personal Mobility Services,” including Rules and Regulations. The Committees have made recommendations to the Report. Within 90 days, starting on June 27, the LADOT is to report back to the Committees with updates.The Report contains wide ranging issues including Rules and Guidelines.  Here is one small section:
d)  Electric scooter systems shall have visible that notifies the user that:

  • Helmets shall be worn
  • Riders shall yield to pedestrians
  • When riding on the street follow all motor vehicle  rules and ordinances of the road
  • Riding on the sidewalk is strictly prohibited
  • Riders must be 18-years of age and have a valid driver’s license

This is what is visible so far on many of the scooters.


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