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Ryavec Cautions VNC to Accept Original Resolution

Mark Ryavec, president of Venice Stakeholders Association, cautions those working on the Cityhood resolution at the Venice Neighborhood Council Tuesday night to substitute the ad-hoc committee version with the original one.

Ryavec wrote the following to the members of the Venice Neighborhood Council.

Dear Members of the Venice Neighborhood Council,

As the author of the original version of the resolution which is before you Tuesday evening on the matter of Venice cityhood, I urge you to substitute and vote for the original (below).

Asking the governor and our local legislators to amend the State statute governing detachment without outlining specifically the changes required to return the decision solely to Venetians is a faint message that will surely not advance the opportunity for cityhood.  Additionally, unless the City of Los Angeles takes on the cause of changing State law to level the playing field, the Legislature will not take it seriously.  Our first battle is at the Los Angeles City Council; if we cannot convince the Council to remove itself, and, indeed, the rest of the city, from a future Venice cityhood vote, there is no reason to go forward.

I would remind you that my version was vetted by the executive director of Los Angeles County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO).  This is the specific language required to assure that the resolution and any resulting revision to State law pertain to just Venice and no other district of Los Angeles.

Mark Ryavec
Master’s Degree/Urban Studies/CORO Foundation-Occidental College
Legislative Analyst, Office of the Chief Legislative Analyst, Los Angeles City Council
Chief Deputy Assessor, Los Angeles County, with responsibility for legislative affairs
State Legislative Director,  American Oceans Campaign (now Oceana)



Whereas, Venice was an independent city when residents voted in 1926 to annex itself to the City of Los Angeles; and

Whereas, Venice residents deserve the right to consider reversing that decision free from the burden of it being rejected by other residents living in the rest of Los Angeles; and 

Whereas, Venice residents desire the increased responsiveness of municipal government seen in smaller units of local government, such as our neighbors Santa Monica, Culver City, Malibu and West Hollywood; and

Whereas, Venice is not well served by a city government with only 15 council people for a population of almost four million residents; 

Now, therefore be it resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council formally requests  the City of Los Angeles to sponsor and support State legislation to amend the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 to void the City of Los Angeles’ right to cause the termination of a detachment request pending before a local area formation commission submitted by a former city which earlier voted to join the City of Los Angeles, which now borders both another city and the Pacific Ocean, and does not contain within its borders an airport or port; and further, to amend that Act to remove the City of Los Angeles’ right to subject to a vote of all voters in the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles the detachment of a former city now located within its borders which borders both another city and the Pacific Ocean, and does not contain within its borders an airport or port.

Comments (2)

  1. Nick Antonicello

    Property taxes would actually decline if city hood occurred. The City hood Committee I chair rejected the proposed resolution above. The revised resolution was passed 4-0 only to be rejected by the VNC last night 8-5-2. It is frustrating to get city hood off the ground despite widespread interest in the concept. The City hood Committee will meet again and try to pass something that the VNC will approve.

  2. Ravi Wilson

    It seems to me that if we do become an independent city, we will still vote in the VNC people again. No difference except higher tax.

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