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Kip Pardue Asks for Help



By Kip Pardue

Councilman Bonin and staff –

Help me understand.  Please help me understand how we can get your help.  Many of us are begging for your help and yet you do nothing for us in Venice.  You have time and energy to fight (and get arrested) for immigrant families but you won’t even respond to many of us in Venice – where we have real and serious concerns about our safety and quality of life.

For at least 3 months this van has been parked in the area.  For the past month it has been parked less than 20 feet from my front door.  I cannot pass on the sidewalk, I cannot park my car. They yell and harass my wife and me as we walk past.  They deficate and urinate openly.  They have stolen bikes strewn about.  Their license plate tells me their from Tennessee.

I can hear these people arguing as I type.  I can smell the acrid smell of burning plastic – meth or crack.  I can hear the dog barking in anger.

The police officers I speak with almost daily call this a “Bonin Special.”  Their actual words.  They are on a first name basis with the woman shown in the photo and have told me that she is the ringleader.  She brings travelers to her van for prostitution, drugs, and bike thefts.  It’s always a new crew and it’s always bad news.  This van is a known entity to the LAPD – they KNOW trouble follows these people – but there is nothing they can do per your policies.  The officer I spoke with this morning told me he wouldn’t be able to live this way if this happened in his neighborhood and he “doesn’t understand what Bonin is doing to Venice.”

And yet there is nothing I can do.

I have asked you and your staff several times to look into solutions to this exact problem before.  Possible solutions include parking permits for streets with direct proximity to available parking lots, 2-hour parking, or even making this street RED in your completely irresponsible 85.02 map (which had ZERO public input and puts residential streets in Venice – but nowhere else – at risk of situations just like this).

You are doing NOTHING to help us.  You won’t even communicate with us.  You hurl hurdle after hurdle at Venice and yet don’t even bother to engage the community.

I have a three year old son.  Is he worth fighting for as well?  Would you sleep well knowing that a criminal element is at work just feet away from your son’s window?

Why do we deserve this?  Is this what you envision for Venice – because this is the reality.  This van from Tennessee is the vehicle I am writing about today but there are 4 others within a block – one from Quebec, one from Arizona, one from Colorado, and an RV from NY.  They are all occupied by people who have come to Venice to hide behind your tolerance.  We can tolerate it no longer.  Too much is at stake.

Please listen to us.  Please help us find a solution.  We do not deserve this.



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  1. Stan Becker


    “…it’s cyber-bullies from Babylon, every thought that you think is a PR Con…”

    (dedicated to Silly Con Breech on occasion of successful Re-Branding!!)

  2. Publius

    Purdue is a Hero qho Speaks for Many.
    Imagine of this was in your halls, in your laundry room, on your roof, opening your mailboxes, casing everything that happens ANYwhere on the street or in the nearby alleys. Imagine if progressed to physical attacks that brought your neighbors, friends and self to ER’s, victims of serial violence. Imagine if your neighbors were video-stalked, and then sexually assauted in the locked laundry room; by MANAGEMENT Employhees still employed at Venice Community Housing or St. Joseph Center, where Bonin, in a tight collusion circle with old real-estate collusion cronies, feeds these people HUNDREEDS OF MILLIONS IN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT EQUITY DOLLARS, which is Kingmaker money.
    The documented serial violence and several dozens of Owner Fail Inspections that were ‘severe and high’ …….
    but in Bonin-Land, the Pac Div gets sued CONSTANTLY and for MILLIONS by $ubsidized Policy Activists (hugely salaried without OVERSIGHT OR ACCOUNTABLITY AT ALL and Totally SELF-REPORTED all programs both subcontracting agencies that are ripping 20 MILLION PER YEAR out of ths Zip, under false pretenses, to create……


    It’s great optics and stokes division. Carol Sobel, like Linda (FABULOUS) Lucks, VCH $ubsidizerd pro PR, also a Policy Activist, live far, far from the Health Hazards, disease, crack-pipes, razor blades, survival sex as well as slick organized prostitution and uh, other….
    reporters get targetted; stabbed or struck.
    There’s the Truth behind the warm-fuzzies constant advertising.
    And everybody from all over the City and World proclaiming
    themselves SJW’s supporting progressive policies, totally without
    researching the deception, waste and lack of Oversight and Accountablityh that Prosecutors all over the country have been clearly signaling.

    Bonin’s Office knows, and goes to Pride Events w full knowledge
    that sexual assaults in his funded perview are being covered up; and the reporting women were destroyed.

    Several on that VNC neeting last night; were pretty much plants that have been over-fertilized; stunted growth; no blooms.

    A gentlemen informed the Board that the intial “Bridge Housing’ opening this week in another district, was a boondoggle that reliably ended up costing twice as much; to do much less that was proposed and approved. As usual. It will do even less than what it meagerly now claims. $$$$ ka ching.

    Here: Another cash cow for unresponsive and dangerous entities like St. Joseph and VCH, constant foto-op and personal buddies with the Big Money Collusion Circle that Ru(i)ns This Town.

    Aggressively ambitious, AND provently destructive and wasteful politicians, on the wild climb.

    What’s Garcetti spent just on pushing the Olympic Games
    and flights to Iowa to run for the next Presidentail Primaries?
    What’s Mike’s staff budget? lol; Linda Lucks real estate portfolio?
    or her hubs?
    with horrendous records very consitently,

  3. Venice guy

    Welcome to Boninville.

  4. Nick Antonicello

    Mike Bonin doesn’t care about homeowners, tenants, people who work for a living and play by the rules. He doesn’t care if people break the law in front of your home or if they do drugs because it’s not his home. He is a complete socialist parasite who is paid a handsome six-figure salary who could never possibly secure outside of public service. He gets free health benefits and a free pension for life. He disdains hard working people as selfish and NIMBY. He hates economic success and is committed to containing and keeping homelessness in Venice because he thinks this is our problem. But he doesn’t want to fix it, he wants to use it politically for fat campaign contributions from builders, architects and contractors who will fill his campaign coffers as he has delusions of becoming mayor. Hell, he’ll even prostitute the misery of the undocumented and get himself “arrested” for the cameras when the charges were dropped! He is a disgusting and disgraceful individual who hates Venice. Kip, you want change? Stop writing letters to a guy that is laughing at you. You want his attention? Run against him and beat him. That is the change Venetians really want!

  5. Venice guy

    Elections have consequences

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