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Amy Says Report Vandalism — Losses Accumulate; Let Police Know

Keyed car.

By Amy Alkon

There’s been a horrifying level of vandalism on cars in Venice and Santa Monica — likely causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage on some nights. Cars are being keyed — down to the primer — and tires are being slashed. One lady had her tires slashed 13 times.

Reportedly — per a commenter on Nextdoor — one of the perpetrators is a guy named Lance (white guy, I think) who comes by on a bike. The cops apparently know who he is, but the City Attorney just kicks cases instead of filing them when they are for “petty crimes.” Well, this crime wave is not petty because there’s so much cumulative damage and cost.

In order to get police patrols and attention to this, every one of these cases needs to be reported — even if it happened a few weeks ago or more time ago. The police need to know there’s an epidemic of vandalism, and guess what: They have no idea at the moment (more on that below).

This can’t be allowed to continue. I wrote a letter to Steve Lopez at the LA Times to ask him to cover this. If he doesn’t bite, I’ll send it to David Lazarus. If he doesn’t bite, I’ll figure out who the Metro Editor is and send it to that person. (If you know, please let me know in the comments — though I can figure it out.)

One problem: The City Attorney prefers flashy cases and won’t file on small crimes — but if neighbors show there’s a massive collective amount of financial damage to property going on nightly, either Lopez or somebody with political clout may be able to put some muscle on the City Attorney to file.

Need to be reported to get police support
Another problem that can be solved by each person who has experienced vandalism of their car — whether keying or tire-slashing: Again, per two beat cops I spoke to last night, these incidents need to be reported — and then they will direct cops to patrol areas that are being hit. The good news: Because they are property crimes, you can call in your report to the station. Best time to call is the morning, before crime gets going. If the desk officer does not answer, call back. The number of Pacific Division (and hit zero to get a person on the line): 310-482-6334

You can email photos of the damage to the cop taking the report. Ask for their badge number to do this, which is also their email address. So, it’ll be 555555@lapd.online (no dot.com).

Please, please, everybody start reporting these and tell your friends and neighbors.

We cannot let the vandals take over Venice, and that’s what’s happening now.

Don’t count on Bonin to do anything, or  the VNC to do anything, or anyone to do anything. We neighbors have to fight for our neighborhood to be a safe place to park cars and have nice things. We do that by reporting every crime to the cops.

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  1. Sonia Sharma

    One problem victims are having is not being able to report it to Pacific division. I have called twice only to have the phone ring for over 20 minutes each time with no answer.

    My other neighbor was told that she had to come in vs do the report over the phone and then had to call again for someone to finally take the report over the phone.

    We are not being taken seriously when we call in. No wonder they are acting like they have no idea… no one is there for us during the reporting process!

    • Sonia Sharma

      The real story for the papers is how victims are being treated once they try to tell the local police!

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