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Have Venetians Been Provided “Due Process” Regarding the MTA Site?


“Due process.”  Have the citizens of Venice been allowed their Constitutional right to due process regarding the MTA lot planned for homeless use. No! The legal procedure to just “evaluate the lot for homeless use” is now being put before the City Council Homeless and Poverty committee.  Yet, influential people from Venice are “Opting-In” to a program on hearsay.  

Promises that the MTA lot use will clean up Venice of encampments are not in writing and differ from one person to the next.  Carol Sobel, who effected the Jones Settlement, says it will be a “cold day” before this will happen.  Some written facts and figures would be nice and it would be nice if Sobel would agree to such (not conduct) before she takes Feuer for a ride and throws Venice under the buss again as a consequence.

There are other sites to be considered.   What about vetting the Manchester piece of property near the Council Office and the Corinth Council Office property?  The Veterans Affairs property consideration is a joke.  Venice is easy.  Venetians want Venice cleaned up so badly they are forgetting the process.  MTA is easy because both Bonin and Garcetti are on the board.  Just convince the Venetians or is it “they will follow.”

Venice is already being considered for two permanent “homeless projects” to the tune of 240 units of prime, 500-feet to the water properties.  Venice is a little over three miles square.  Only one other homeless project in all of CD11 is under consideration and that is 72 units at the LA Animal shelter which is near commercial-industrial properties.  Repeat:  Only one!  All are in Venice except the former animal shelter.

Is Venice just easy or are Venetians just stupid?  Why are all the CD11 projects in Venice.  One reason is that a large percentage of homeless are in Venice.  Yet, the council office wants Venetians to accept the fact that these encampments will be cleaned up if they accept one more homeless project in their neighborhood.  Really.  Carol Sobel doesn’t think so.  There is nothing in writing describing how the City will effect such.  

Venetians deserve due process of the law.  CD11 should equally share these projects, not allow all to be in Venice.  Perhaps, a court case to determine such equality would be definitely appropriate and beneficial.  It is time for attorneys to step up and speak for Venice.


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  1. #RespectVenice

    Please sign this petition to the City of Los Angeles to halt the concentration of projects into Venice, and forward to your like minded friends!


  2. Venice guy

    No we haven’t been given due process.

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