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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“Venice Update Hero” Todd Strikes Again with Mr. Clean Approach


 (Photo courtesy of Wolf Seeberg.) Those bags along Lincoln are filled with litter thanks to the homeless man named Todd@GoFundMe.com.

Todd the Volunteer at Todd@GoFundMe.com strikes again with his Mr. Clean approach to Venice streets, highways, freeways. Todd Olin is homeless and he has created the job of cleaning the streets of an area.

What a difference he makes. He changes in one day what looks like a Third World street to a street in what-should-be Venice, Marina del Rey. He is now at $17,800 on his way to $100,000. Couple weeks ago, he was at $14,000. He earns every penny and the results are unbelievable. All his money comes from his Todd@GoFundMe website. Donations are $5 and up.

“Forgot to mention a couple of sheriff’s deputies dropped by yesterday,” according to Todd’s GoFundMe page.  “They brought me a few provisions and presented me with an honor badge for the work I’ve been doing to improve the quality of life for all in Marina del Rey. As a community service volunteer i am truly honored to be presented with this token of appreciation.”  He also mentioned that CalTrans workers picked up the bags on the north side of the street.  Don’t know what that has reference to.

He is Venice Update’s Hero.

Comments (3)

  1. Michael Gregory

    Speaking of cleaning —
    What exactly is the purpose of the Friday morning Boardwalk cleanings? The homeless simply drag their trash over to Speedway or the walk streets, wait for the trucks to go by then drag it back. Where it sits until the next week when they do it all over. This happens in full view of the police and cleaners but they do nothing. So again, I ask, what’s the point?

    • Lee

      Think, how much would accumulate if they weren’t required to move it once a week. They get maid service, do you?

  2. Rick Swinger

    Way to go Todd!! You are an inspiration and a true Enviromental Hero!

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