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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

SHARE has collaborative housing available for homeless

SHARE (Self Help and Resource Exchange) has housing for homeless who have an income of $700 per month.

Call 1-877-SHARE-49 or (310)305-8878 Monday thru Friday 1 to 3 pm. Or you can walk in at 6666 Green Valley Circle Sunday thru Friday, 1 to 8 pm or Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm.

These are immediate openings. SHARE will connect homeless person with vacancies via conference call with home owner.

Comments (3)

  1. Beth

    I have been living at a share house, I’m not thrilled. The house I’m at is full of drama, I understand it’s cheap. But they recently moved in a women who literally went thru my personal things, harassed me, threatened me with violence. And I get kicked out because I had a little bit of pot in my bag that she went thru. I use it for pain. I am a perfect roommate and tenant. Also the ppl that are running it are idiots. The men have Central air and the women don’t?! I confronted the owners and he flat out denied it. It’s 90 degrees in the place, they gave us one crappy fan. When we cook? Omg it’s like 150! They keep bringing in these ppl who are confrontational, and don’t get along with ppl. I even asked, can I just stay a couple weeks? They are like no, asap out. So, my experience so far, is

  2. Regina Weller

    You GO SHARE! Collaborative Housing! Until people can get their own place, this is an avenue off the street with no time limit for stay.

  3. Will

    SHARE is an amazing program. Over the last six months the Homeless Committee has placed a few people in the program and I just helped another homeless guy from Venice get into SHARE facilitiy in Long Beach a few days ago. Over the last two years we’ve helped over 40 ppl either reunite with their family or get off the street and into housing.

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