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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Your questions about Bridge Housing are here … Looks like all projects have been dumped in Venice; Mayor wants homeless to stay in their communities; Encampments will stay along with “Bridge”

Venetians still have questions regarding the proposed “Bridge Housing” for Venice. The Venice Update has received several questions. They are going to be printed here as they come in so look for this article to grow.  In addition, the Venice Update has listed a few observations for you to consider making comments about, if you can.

All dumped in Venice
But with all the answering, no one has addressed the question of why is everything dumped in Venice.
There are two major affordable/psh housing projects planned for Venice taking some of the prime, prime land, 500 to 1000 feet from the ocean. The sale of these properties would house many, many more homeless inland from here. These are two major projects and now the “Bridge Housing.” Name one other city within CD11 that has half the projected homeless projects … just half.

Mayor wants to keep homeless in their communities
Now we have the Mayor stating that he wants to keep the homeless in their communities. Oh, my goodness. He obviously has not visited Venice Beach or 3rd Ave. They are all transients from out of state. Everyone in Venice shouts this to the top of their lungs but politicians are just not listening. Listen to those who help find places for the homeless such as Regina Weller. Listen to the Captain of the LAPD James Roberts, or if he isn’t familiar enough yet, ask former Captain Nicole Alberka. They aren’t from here, Mayor.  They just aren’t.

You say you found 16,000 homeless places, yet homeless figures do not reflect that
You say you found 16,000 places for homeless, why aren’t the yearly figures down significantly.  If you found 16,000 places for homeless last year, why is the homeless figure still in the low 30K range? Homeless for City this year was down 5 percent to 31,516.

Encampments will stay according Mayor
In one article you said you were going to clean up the encampments. It was assumed that the encampments were leaving Venice. Venice has 975 homeless and the Bridge proposes to house 100, leaving 875 on the street. You are quoted in Argonaut as saying “No area will be cleared until there are beds that are available.”  Meaning the encampments will stay along with the Bridge Housing.

Will Bridge Housing eliminate encampments or encourage more?
According to article in LATimes, Garcetti said enforce 41.18 (thus eliminating Jones Settlement). Attorney Carol Sobel said “There is a snowball’s chance in hell that a court will let them enforce that.” “Neighbors worried about the proposed shelters argue the pact makes it impossible to stop people from camping out near the new facilities,” LA Times article says.

CityWatch Asks “A Bridge Home or a Bridge to Nowhere?”
Darryl DuFay just found this article dated 18 June summarizing the planned projects and the encounters they have had plus the way they have been presented to the communities. CityWatch article.

Questions from Venetians

Eileen Pollack Erickson

Dear Councilmember Bonin and Mayor Garcetti

I completely echo the thoughts in the letter from the Venice Stakeholder’s Association and many others at the Community Open House last Wednesday night.  I am willing to support bridge housing and permanent supportive housing when and if such housing (1) truly replaces existing encampments throughout Venice and prevents their reestablishment.  Without this guarantee, a facility such as what is proposed is more likely to attract more homeless to Venice, more encampments.  (2) The laws which protect the residents and environment need to be observed, by going through the Coastal Commission, appropriate agencies for zoning changes, and observing CEQA protocols; and  (3) the rest of CD-11 must accept it’s fair share of this responsibility.  Here is the link to that letter: http://files.constantcontact.com/c052d8bf201/ca53fcd7-762b-47b4-9363-c533e37abe72.pdf

Thank you in advance for your attention.

Chris Cerbo

Headlines for YouTube videos suggest that everyone in Venice has been polled and is supporting this project. “VENICE SAYS YES TO BRIDGE HOUSING.” Was there a vote I missed?

Venice Says Yes to Bridge Housing – Part One

Judy Esposito

In trying to understand everything about this, I have several huge concerns:
I read that this bridge housing will cost 20 Million, I don’t know how many “facilities” city officials may be speaking of, (since nothing is EVER made clear to us) but if they are to last for only 3 years (residents would only be permitted to stay there for 3 months) it seems to me that our tax dollars would be much better spent on more long term solutions, such as re-purposing existing buildings.

The fact that Bonin’s “survey” does not permit one to oppose this idea at all but asks what sort of plantings / art, we might want there….assuming we are all completely in agreement with HIS proposal, I find this very disturbing indeed. Hardly a democratic process ! Where is the option to oppose on his survey ?

The fact that rehab / mental help has not been mentioned as a priority or even as being offered is also very disturbing.

Housing homeless people here, that will be open 24/7 as I thought I understood, seems to me, would be a true magnet for attracting so many more homeless people to our Venice. Many homeless people are not from here at all.

Many have serious mental/addiction problems which need to be addressed first of all.

Garcetti’s bribing us with more clean up truly stinks. Garcetti should be making sure all neighborhoods are kept clean …. period.

I have found Bonin’s refusal to hear his constituents or to respect his constituents, completely irresponsible and dictatorial. His pretend meetings, where people are supposedly heard, are a complete joke, made to placate and de-energize us in our opposition. Bonin then proceeds to ignore any input at all, and carry on with his own MISSION not ours.

Asking for architects input, artists input, landscapers input on such a temporary project is a ridiculous waste of our money.

Practical and long term solutions in locations not near homes would be just common sense. Also, how long will it take to build this temporary fix?  and to then just be torn down?   These people need help right away and in my humble opinion, this is not a sensible solution.

Comments (8)

  1. #RespectVenice

    Please sign this petition to the City of Los Angeles to halt the concentration of projects into Venice, and forward to your like minded friends!


  2. Anonymous

    Ghetto is not the word for this BS. “Ghetto” has racial connotations and this is ANYTHING but a racial issue. Just because the CD11 hacks and the social service trolls have tried to make it such, in order to confuse the issue and make local liberals feel bad about asking LAPD to enforcing existing laws. Been doing this for years. Obviously if you don’t want addicts, criminals and crazies living in the alleys and in front of your house, you also hate people of color. I mean, stands to reason; if you don’t agree with Bonehead’s policies, obviously, you are homophobic.

  3. Nick Antonicello

    The line between public policy and political propaganda has been forever blurred by the political hacks that populate the staff of Councilman Mike Bonehead. There idea of a survey is now a political “push poll” paid for by Bonin’s political fund as his new answer to manufacturing political support for this bullshit slum he wants to construct by the sea. His arrogance knows no bounds as even his hack deputy chief of staff acknowledged there was no true or real survey, but a push poll of what he claims they called 10,000 Venice residents (were you called?) and that they spoke to 1200 residents and of that number 65% support Bonin’s ghetto! There was no legitimate or credible survey taken or poll, but Bonehead’s lackeys probably all city employees once again using extreme Machiavellian tactics to basically lie to the residents in this effort to stuff this project down the throats of every Venetian whether you like it or not!
    His Trump-style lying and political rhetoric is even extreme for this career political hack who’s never had a real job in his entire life. His current $1,000,000 plus council package gives him free health benefits for him and his dependents as well as a healthy, six-figure pension for life courtesy of taxpayers he regularly screws on a daily basis.
    When will Venice wake-up from this slumber?

    • Regina Weller

      More particulars and details needs to presented from Bonin’s office regarding Bridge Housing on MTA lot. I think then more would possibly give a yes vote. Though I’ve been an advocate for the homeless for many years, I’m always a bit reluctant to agree with adding multiple housing ventures in Venice, because this community has been so inundated and traumatized already by the homeless crisis and the ensuing crime. Pushing this agenda, or the possibility of more homeless programs and engagement in the community, is somewhat an emotional trigger for those Venice residents already traumatized firsthand by the daily crime. If the building/programs details are not properly and thoroughly presented beforehand, the level of worry and distrust is heightened. And can you blame them?

  4. People, human lives are not objects to be considered “dumped.” Perfect that that sentiment is listed first, it’s the flagship mentality of most opposing this project. Anyone who expects ALL the encampments to be cleared out within a short time is delusional. As far as the NIMBYs are concerned, every place in Venice is “near a home.” I dont recall this every being touted as THE solution. It’s a step in a part of their deficient, but still useful, plan. We need to watch Bonin and follow the money, hold every penny accountable.

    • reta

      The article is not talking about people but projects. It is stating all the projects are being “dumped” in Venice for CD11. Reread article and check the facts.

  5. Nick Antonicello

    Amen. Someone is standing up to the bureaucratic thugs who don’t even live in Venice from turning parts of Venice into a ghetto and slum.

    • Amusing, because that “edgy” “ghetto” element that’s a signature to Venice’s culture is conveniently exploited when it’s time to market real estate and other gentrification business ventures.

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