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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VCH to Hold Open House to Show and Explain Project Rebuild

Venice Community Housing (VCH) will be holding an open house and informational meeting 26 June from 6 to 9 pm at 718-721 Rose Ave to discuss their proposed project of rebuilding to accommodate all their offices and 34 homeless, of which half will be for transition aged youth and half for chronically homeless.


Comments (2)

  1. Anonymous

    Who needs parking at these locations? Just let the Council Office provide Uber vouchers for the residents with all of the H and HHH money that the City is collecting. Or is that already earmarked to be squandered on nonprofits like VCH and St. Josephs that absorb million$ to help dozens? Yes, we do need to help these folks, but there HAS to be a better way that spending projected BILLIONS on temporary housing for a hundred on the valuable bus lot and building these ambitious brick and mortar multi-use projects for another few hundred. And what about the growing street camping population combined with the inability for the LAPD to enforce existing laws? An expensive boondoggle that will do little to help ANYONE!!! The way the eventual results will be handled that same way Bonin was surrounded at the “Town Hall” with supporters (gleaned from the local social services) with kudos for success for whatever the meager results will be. Bonin apparently is now taking his political cues from Washington today. Everything that contradicts is “Fake News” as the people of Venice REALLY want to be ass deep in homeless people and enjoy our longer commutes.

  2. Bruce

    Pretty outrageous if they are allowed to build this oversized project that includes offices without providing onsite parking.

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