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Nick, Cityhood Chair, Not Happy with Bonin or Encampments; Pushes for Cityhood



By Nick Antonicello, chairman of the Venice Neighborhood Council ad-hoc committee on Cityhood

The encampment at Staples on Lincoln Boulevard in the heart of Venice has now surged to the mouth of the driveway and the entire sidewalk at the entrance as well as the other side of the building across from Chase Bank.

While Councilman Mike Bonin takes victory laps for scamming Venetians into thinking his meeting this week was some kind of legitimate exchange of opinions, he is already moving forward and really doesn’t care what the average person thinks!

He is proudly constructing a ghetto and slum by the sea and he is daring you to stop him!

This is his typical, Machiavellian and condescending politics in action by busing in a bunch of bureaucrats that make money and profit off the misery of the un-housed and nothing changes!

Bill Rosendahl served eight years as councilman and did nothing. Mike Bonin has served some five years as a councilman and sits under the threat of a recall and still does nothing!

That’s 13 years of broken promises and failed public policies and he wonders why the residents of Venice believe he’s nothing but a liar?

Photos were taken on June 15th.

Cityhood for Venice is the only viable option to address the issue of homelessness and so much more. We need Venetians running and governing Venice, not career politicians earning over $1,000,000 in salary and perks courtesy of taxpayers during their term of office!

Nick Antonicello is the Chairman of the Ad-hoc Committee on Venice Cityhood and can be reached at nantoni@mindspring.com

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  1. Regina Weller

    GREAT NEWS IN LA TIMES TODAY!: GARCETTI SAYS L.A. CAN RESUME DISPUTED BAN ON OVERNIGHT SIDEWALK SLEEPING. Great news: A lift of the suspension would relieve the influx of people from other states coming into California, maybe persuade some people to go into the open doors of rehab, possibly prompt more to consider returning home to their families, reduce the amount of residential crime, and certainly reduce the amount of homeless-on-homeless crime, including rapes, and drug overdoses. It’s a step in the right direction…

    Chaplain Regina Weller
    Homeless Task Force

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