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Venice Update

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Brentwood, Pacific Palisades Invest in Venice Homeless Projects; None in Palisades or Brentwood

By Fight Back, Venice

If you lived in Brentwood or Pacific Palisades wouldn’t you cheer for homeless projects in Venice, not Brentwood or Palisades? Wouldn’t you invest money on that one? If you knew a councilman would keep all the homeless projects out of your neighborhood, wouldn’t you vote for him?

According to the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee (“CTCAC”), individuals and entities in Brentwood and Pacific Palisades own and manage more than 3,800 tax-credit funded affordable housing units in other parts of the city, but there are no tax-credit funded affordable housing units in either Brentwood or Pacific Palisades.

In fact, according to CTCAC, all 430 tax credit-funded affordable housing units are south of the northern border of Venice at Rose Avenue and about a third of tax credit funded affordable housing units are in — or effectively in — Venice.

Comments (2)

  1. Venice guy

    I am getting in my limousine and heading over to the party.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    The Limousine Liberals and wine tasting progressives are shielded from the realities of homelessness in Venice because you have a Councilman who wants to keep it in Venice and if you complain, you must be a NIMBY! The hypocrisy here is that the Palisades is overrun by rich NIMBY’S who treat Bonin like a puppet on a string! Venice needs self-governance, home-rule and local control. Bonin provides that for the rest of the district and Venice is the dumping grounds for the dregs of society and seemingly what will it take for Venice to say enough is enough?

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