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BID Board Votes to Increase Assessment Five Percent

Members of the Safe Team (Brad and Elliott) at the Flower Festival on Rose Saturday.

13 June 2018.  Board members of the Business Improvement District (BID) met Wednesday to hear reports from both the “Safe” and the “Clean” teams and vote on five percent assessment raise for the BID members.

The BID meets the second Friday of the month, 10 am at Mishkon Tephilio, 206 Main Street, Santa Monica.  Their web site is VeniceBeachBID.com. The telephone number for both the office staff and special service requests is 310-396-8243.

The members did vote to increase the assessment five percent starting this year. It was explained that the state mandated hourly wage increase would put the board in a position to cut back on services during the remaining four years without the inrease.

Members mentioned that they would like to see detailed reports from the “Safe” and the “Clean” teams after they heard reports from both.

The supervisor for the “Safe” team said they had dealt mainly with stolen items and disturbances and one lost child, which was reunited with family. They said most of the incidences they encounter dissipate when they see the uniformed members appear.

Paul Williams, supervisor for the “Clean” team was more graphic. He said they had 50 to 70 bags of debris per day. So far they have bagged 1300 bags; they identified 109 different items normally picked up by calling 311. Williams said Parks and Rec had a location and items were taken there. They have washed down 84 areas, some large but most small.

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  1. John okulick

    At the BID meeting after 17 months of no services it was revealed the salary of the manager of the bid pays herself $175,000.00 a year and that so far another $176,000.00 has been paid to lawyers in two law suites against the BID. This 5% increase of taxes will increase rents for many. After barely a month of services more than $500,000.00 has been spent.
    Those confronted by the BID squad should fill out a police report and confront the city or a lawyer if treated poorly. These people have no more authority than the homeless or you and I. They do not have any police enforcement powers or any enforcement training.

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