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Todd the Volunteer Cleans Up

Bags of debris stacked on Abbot Kinney at Washington Blvd.

An enterprising young man named Todd Olin stopped in the Venice area to do his thing this week. And his thing is to clean an area of all kinds of debris from the street to the fence. The bags above were from one days work in the Abbot Kinney – Presidents’ Row areas.

He is homeless but works. He created his job.

He has been all over. His web site says he was in Anaheim, Buena Park and Fullerton for the last 14 months. He calls himself “Todd the Volunteer” and his web site says he has made a little over $14,000 in the last 27 months with gofundme. He wrote that he worried about people stopping and giving him money. He thought they might have an accident or cause one, so he started the fund raiser web site. To contribute it is Todd@gofundme.com

Update tried to find him Thursday to get information from him but he couldn’t be found.

He has been homeless for two years and has always done manual labor according to the Orange County Register. They wrote: He picks up trash, trims bushes, scrubs sidewalks, removes graffiti, clears gutters. Public works crews or residents haul away the dozens of trash bags he fills. People give him food, cleaning supplies, clothing and small amounts of cash. He even received an award from the Garden Grove community for his services.

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  1. OC Resident

    He has been offered jobs over the years and refuses them. Bet that wasn’t told to the writer was it? He doesn’t pay taxes and gets to live the life off everyone else he suckers into giving him anything for free. This guy is a meth addict. He has a police record that shows he has been arrested before for it. There are some that have seen him doing drugs. While its nice he is cleaning up places, he also is leaving a lot of trash bags behind because he expects the city or someone else to take that stuff (from what I understood he has a truck). He was out begging for money on a main street on Christmas day. Why does he need to do that if he has all this money in his gofundme that he set up for himself? So stop feeding this guy’s addiction and bumming free stuff off everyone so he doesn’t have to pay for a damn thing in life!!

  2. Michele

    I literally just saw Todd as I was getting off the 90 into Marina Del Rey. Been trying to figure out who’s doing this. Now reading his story… this man is doing wonders! He’s working hard… he needs an apartment!

  3. Nick Antonicello

    I admire people like Todd, but why does it take a concerned citizen to provide the most basic of services? Why does he need to have a GO FUND ME page to keep Venice clean as a destination resort community?

    This guy should be hired by LA because he cares.

    Does anyone really believe Mike Bonin, who “earns” $190,000 annually as a member of the HIGHEST PAID CITY COUNCIL IN AMERICA cares about Venice?


    Nick Antonicello
    (310) 574-1907


    • Nick,

      You’re obviously not a fan of Mike Bonin, but you’re clearly in the minority given the overwhelming number of votes he’s received. For many good reasons, too.

      As for Mike’s commitment to doing what he can to help end homelessness, he’s clearly done much more than most people. This has been a goal of his even before he was elected to be our City Council member; at least as far back as when he was Bill Rosendahl’s Chief of Staff.

      Please be informed with actual facts. Thank you.

      The following is a good place to start for anybody who chooses to be educated about this issue. Of course, Mike can’t do this on his own. He needs our support, he needs our good ideas, and he deserves our help.



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