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Dennison Gives Update/Status of Venice Median Homeless Housing Project

By Becky Dennison, director of Venice Community Housing Corporation

This is an update on the Reese-Davidson Community housing project, which is an affordable and supportive housing development on the parking lots at Venice-Dell-Pacific. Venice Update has referred to the project as “Venice Median.”

The Reese Davidson team has been asked some questions about the impact of the recent lawsuits filed by Fight Back Venice and the Oxford Triangle Association, which challenge the City’s recently passed Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) Ordinance.   If you are new to this email list, you can take a look at our plans HERE.

Some emails and online postings have suggested this lawsuit will apply to and/or challenge the development of Reese Davidson Community.   This is not the case.   The PSH Ordinance and the recently filed lawsuits do not apply to the development of Reese Davidson.

The City’s PSH ordinance doesn’t apply to every proposed PSH development, and specifically does not include: 1) developments of more than 120 units; and 2) developments located on properties with zoning that does not allow for residential uses.   Both of these characteristics apply to Reese Davidson, as we are proposing 140 units and the land is currently zoned as Open Space.   Therefore Reese Davidson does not qualify for approvals under the PSH Ordinance and any challenges to the Ordinance, including recent lawsuits, also do not apply to our plans at the parking lots at Venice-Dell-Pacific.    The full ordinance can be reviewed HERE.

Please look out for updates on our City approval processes, including many opportunities for public input, in July.   Also, please feel free to reach out with questions or opportunities for our team to come to formal and informal community meetings to discuss our plans at reesedavidson@vchcorp.org.

Comments (2)

  1. Angela McGregor

    I’ve read and re-read the text of the PSH Ordinance to which Dennison links, and there’s nothing in it about developments of more than 120 units nor “developments located on properties with zoning that does not allow for residential uses”. In fact, the pertinent passage in the ordinance states that it covers developments “located in a zone that allows multiple dwellings (RD 1.5 or less restrictive).” This could certainly include residential housing, and “in a zone” seems to pertain not to the current zoning of the land being built upon, but rather to the area surrounding the proposed project.

    The lawsuits in question challenge the legality of the Permanent Supportive Housing Ordinance — not, specifically, the projects in question — although in order for any negotiations and agreements between residents and developers to be binding, the PSH cannot apply. PSH is, quite simply, a means for the City to bypass longstanding CEQA protections with regard to a particular type of development which they seem to feel will provide a “solution” to the issue of homelessness (something which, given the recent revelation in the LA Times that Proposition HHH funds can only build about 6,000 units of PSH housing over 10 years, is dubious at best).

  2. Nick Antonicello

    More propaganda to enable a project that won’t house a single homeless person in Venice. The slum builders!

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