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City Council About to Hear ADU Ordinance; County Passed ADU Ordinance This Week

Yes, you can add a unit to your single-family zoned residence when and if the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) ordinance passes City Council.    All the changes made this week by the Land Use and Planning Committee will go before the City Council soon.

The County Board of Supervisors approved a County Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance 22 May.

The following is a summary of the draft that will go before the City Council for the City ordinance.

• Detached ADUs are allowed a maximum size of the larger of 1,200 square feet or fifty percent of the total floor area, excluding garages, of the existing single-family dwelling unit. 

• Detached ADUs shall not be greater than two stories.

• Allow for a movable tiny house to be considered an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

• An ADU is permitted only on a parcel that contains an existing single-family dwelling unit or where a new single-family dwelling unit is proposed.

• No ADUs is permitted on parcels located in Hillside Areas as defined by the Hillside Area map per LAMC Section 12.03. 

• An allowance for up to 1,200 square feet ADUs in RA zoned lots more than 17,500 square feet in size.

•Ensures animal keeping (equine keeping) on the subject or adjacent lots are not precluded by an ADU

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