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Ryavec Says It is Group of Eight Who Have Organized; First Venice Group to Organize to Clean Up Their Area was 3rd Ave


Mark Ryavec says it is not just him who posted signs at the Venice Post Office. Last week there was a story in the Update showing Mark posting signs and implying that he was the only one posting signs.

Mark explained that a group of eight got together after one fellow’s house window was broken by brick thrown by a homeless person camping at the post office. The group raised money for the signs and the weekly street steam cleaning.This is the second group to organize to keep their area clean and sanitary.

First Community group to Organize
Rick Swinger of the 3rd Ave area raised money to clean up the alleys, the streets. He has been active in getting Public Storage to steam clean the Public Storage sidewalk. Showgun, a homeless resident on the west side of the street, says Public Storage cleans the sidewalk every week. Showgun says “It is the cleanest sidewalk in Los Angeles.”

Swinger’s efforts to keep 3rd area clean and sanitary resulted in making St. Joseph’s Center aware that they were responsible for cleaning their sidewalks and alleys, which took the burden off Swinger.

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.)

Swinger is now trying to get the County Health Department to require Public Storage to put in rat traps. He is also trying to stop the public feed and dumping that occurs by well meaning establishments. People dump food and what isn’t eaten, is trashed and draws the rats. Food is illegally dispersed every week using unsanitary conditions.

LA County Health Vector Deptartment Guidelines indicate that these actions puts the homeless and residents in harms way. See http://www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/…/Vecto…/norway_Rat.pdf

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