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Pardue: Bonin is Making Venice Skid Row West

By Kip Pardue

The snowballing policies put forth by Bonin have started to reach critical mass. His entire tenure in office (and his previous years in CD11 staffing positions) has been directed at positioning Venice as Skid Row West. Now is the time to get involved and have your voice heard.

Just this past weekend, Bonin officially put for the the MTA lot at Sunset Ave and Main St near Gold’s Gym as an “ideal” place for a shelter in Venice. He even went so far as to claim that this site was “the most commonly suggested by neighbors.” I find that hard to believe. If you would like your voice to be heard feel free to take the survey in this link:


Please keep in mind that Garcetti recently offered increased funds to help clean encampments to those COUNCIL DISTRICTS that provided shelter. This could have been a perfect opportunity for Bonin to have chosen a parking lot NOT in Venice – say the one his WLA offices sit near, to help ease our burden. This action would have helped all of CD11 while also helping to identify those homeless who actually want services and help and those who are simply “traveling.” Another side effect of putting a shelter away from Venice would help us understand how homelessness “follows” services. By spreading out services the City could also spread out homelessness (while more permanent solutions are sorted).

Another Bonin supported measure is the so-called PSH ordinance. This ordinance allows for certain projects of mostly Permanent Supportive Housing units to be approved without current standards of environmental impact and community outreach. Two groups in Venice – Fight Back, Venice and the Oxford Triangle Association, have filed suits against the City in opposition to this ordinance. Here is some more information that I encourage you to read and a link to support FBV.

As many of you know, the new PSH Ordinance exempts homeless housing projects from height restrictions, density limits, setback minimums and parking requirements that apply to market rate developments … and creates an accelerated approval process that completely strips working families of the right to comment on and challenge homeless housing projects in their communities.

The City and developers cannot be trusted to do right by our communities (or the homeless) without vigilant public oversight. In fact, a new report from the Los Angeles Times ( http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-rising-hhh-costs-20180511-story.html ) shows that Prop HHH housing units will cost an average of nearly $500,000 each (without counting the value of public land) and that, at current rates of spending, the City will deliver fewer than 6,000 of the 10,000 supportive housing units promised to Prop HHH voters in 2016.

Last week, Fight Back, Venice! and the Oxford Triangle Association brought lawsuits to block the PSH Ordinance, protect our communities and force the City to take a smarter approach to the delivery of homeless housing. ( http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lawsuit-homeless-lawsuit-20180511-story.html)

Please click here — https://www.fightbackvenice.org/support_for_psh_lawsuit/ — to send a “one click” email telling Mayor Garcetti, Councilman Bonin and City Attorney Mike Feuer that you support these lawsuits and demand a fair shake for Venice. And please forward this to anyone you can think of asking them to do the same. We can make a difference, but we need your help.

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  1. Publius

    Yes Billy; all except it’s meaningless, especially the ‘homeless’ part.
    You haven’t investigated their operations and locations; nor the rampant waste, sure abuse, serial violence without even the very well paid-for Residential Management.

    There is zero security and a 100% chance you’re being constantly cased. Ask the latest St. Joseph Center where is bike is; or why he was flustered photographing the same open jimmied mailboxes we photographed well over a year ago. btw, he did nothing about it at all im the way of follow-up; a week of more danger passes. Nothing.

    That’s what your’re about to get in YOUR Neighborhood blocks too; or trying to get anywhere else. But we can put you on needle, crack-pipe and razor blades commmitte; tho there aRE openings on the Mop committee for a place that is rife with embedded filth that has caused illness.

    Many in a series of violent assaults on the porch, but your hero Steve Clare hires Becky Dennison to continue to coverup sexual assaults by management still employed. Your other hero Linda Lucks has been complately exposed as a lair as well. Shes your $ubsidized PR; she uses that NIMBY word a lot; she doesn’t live here and abides by it for sure. And the other workes in the circle of Little Stevie Plunder, are just, as if nor more, hollow than the developer himself.

    This will house no homeless; they are taking the homeless money into development shell comapny steve owns, but apparently must have more personal hundreds of millions in free real estate investment equity to furthur plunder the pocketbooks of a compassionate electorate.
    He’s got them.

    Steve likes that strong-arm contingent at his beck and call; as do a lot of guys short on etics,
    despite the videos of him claiming to have stopped the crack wars and make the sun come up every morning. Psycopathology inspires compassion though; so let’s hope he has a great fake-retirement screwing everybody, includinf you if you were watching the news last week.

    Their subsidized PR podiun-humping whacko writes it; folks assume a lie is the truth. Perfect pscyhological marketing; as some have been warning of, for well over a year now.

    • Billy Bathgate

      You should get yourself into rehab dude. You’re obviously doing way too many illegal drugs of some sort. And that is why nothing you ever write is understandable.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Listen Up! Pollution effects Everybody! Thats includes you Billy and me and the homeless etc. We are all in the same boat here. You don’t have to have a degree in Biology to understand thats Rats have killed more people than any other rodent and we have lots of them around 3rd and Rose ave. Why you ask? When you have open trash cans that Councilman Bonin distributed next to an 200,000 Sq Ft Storage Warehouse with a huge problem of folks dumping perishables and an large encampment you going to have a rat infestation around your whole block and beyond. I live near 3rd and have to hire an exterminator to get rid of mine but I will have to keep doing it for the rats keep coming back to eat the free food that gets dumped on the homeless!!! There are so common around Public Storage its easy to take pictures of them cruising around at night on 3rd. Also some of the homeless are feeding them! The LA County Health Dept Vector Management has open the case for another inspection of Public Storage which by the way has two other notices to comply. The plague is more common than you think in California. For more info check out this link http://www.publichealth.lacounty.gov/eh/docs/Specialized/Vector_Management/norway_Rat.pdf

  3. Anonymous

    Bonin was elected by the very people who live in other areas of CD 11 and who benefit by placing ALL of the adversity in Venice. That said, had Bonin proposed this “Home of the homeless” BS (as well as the stupid “road diet” during his re-election campaign, the people of Venice might have organized against him. Sneaky bastard. And Billy, my boy, who the eff are you to be telling people who are at risk of violence and disease to shut up. Stop trolling this site. Nobody cares about you or your snide comments. Yeah, we are all a bunch of NIMBYS because we are not happy with Bonin and his City Haul comrades turning our town into a third world campground of reprobates.

    • Billy Bathgate

      NIMBY is too polite a term for the likes of arrogant pretentious jerks like you. In fact there is no word for the likes of people like you that wouldn’t be censored by the owner of this site so I’ll just have to save it for if we ever meet in person at which time I will be more than happy to tell you exactly what I think the proper term for somebody like yourself is.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Billy Boy – you are a proponent of giving millions to nonprofits for building their property holdings, while doing little for the homeless. So,I will assume you are another troll sent by the social service industry to shame and dismiss residents who question the hows and whys of the situation. Either you are a moron or are somehow financially connected. Your insulting posture means nothing. Troll away –

  4. Billy Bathgate

    Elections have consequences Kip. Your homeless hating candidate for City Council didn’t win. And the people of Los Angeles voted to pony up and do something about getting the homeless of L.A. off the sidewalks and into housing. Now would be a good time for your side to shut up. The majority has spoken. And your side isn’t it.

  5. Nick Antonicello

    The only way to get out of the bureaucratic clutches of LA, Garcetti and Bonin is to support cityhood for Venice. Our own Mayor and Council directly elected by Venetians with a land use body with teeth that can restrict such impositions by the far larger LA. Does Garcetti or Bonin dare suggest homeless facilities in Pacific Palisades, Brentwood or West LA where his limousine liberal financial support would never allow it and in fact replace him as the councilman? The true NIMBY’s are not in Venice, but these more affluent neighborhoods that Bonin enables and protects. Go to Venice Beach and see the condition of equipment at OFW or the overall condition of the bike path. Bonin will be in his Uncle Sam hat in Pacific Palisades enabling and protecting his liberal asshole supporters while continuing to trash Venice anyway possible. We need people like you Kip to stand up and run for office against Bonin or support the idea of Cityhood!

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