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Venice Update

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Ryavec Posts Signs on Post Office Fence

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger)


Mark Ryavec, president of the Venice Stakeholders Association, posts signs on Venice Post Office property at Riviera. The property which is a V-shaped property that ends on west side at Windward Circle has been collecting homeless on south side of the property which is shaded.

Rick Swinger, who lives near the 3rd Ave encampment, directs homeless to the post office for camping.

“It seems the sidewalk next to the government property at the Venice Post Office has a cleaner environment, more shade trees, fewer rats and closer to 24/7 restrooms at Horizon than 3rd,” according to Rick Swinger. “Neighbors near post office noticed increase including near-by resident Mark Ryavec, who, this week, hung over $1000 worth of signs surrounding the perimeter of the Venice Post Office.”

Comments (2)

  1. Rick Swinger

    All I can say is lets hope those signs Mark Ryavec has posted has a better impact than the No Dumping Signs that Public Storage puts up!

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE that they posted them. But these homeless folks will ignore them UNLESS they get arrested on a daily basis. LAPD needs to assert their power. Its a psychological game that the neighborhood and LAPD are starting to WIN against the homeless and their hypocritical “advocates” that don’t live in Venice. I watch a man drop his pants and take a crap on the sidewalk in front of my 2 young children in front of my house. 3rd world and unacceptable, total risk of hepatitis (or worse) outbreak.

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