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“Safe Parking” LAMC 85.02 Up for Extension

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By Darryl DuFay

City Council’s Homeless and Poverty committee recommends extending LAMC 85.02 for another 18 months from 1 July of this year when it is scheduled to expire and create an enforceable buffer zone around current “Safe Parking” zones.

The motion stated:

If communities could see a direct benefit to having services for the homeless in their neighborhoods, it would be easier to launch programs such as Safe Parking. For example, if there is a Safe Parking lot in a neighborhood, there should be increased enforcement of LAMC 85.02 within a three block radius of the program and a no vehicle dwelling restriction in that buffer zone.

THEREFORE MOVE that the City Council Request the City Attorney and instruct LAPD and other relevant departments to report back on the current implementation of LAMC 85.02 and proposed amendments including the creation of an increased enforcement zone within a set distance from Safe Parking locations.”

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