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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Comments — 14 May 2018

Alexandra Jamison plus others
Go to 1.04 on recording to start interview with Dr. Drew on the Kevin and Bean show.  The doctor is very concerned about diseases among the homeless causing an epidemic.  The doctor advises that you roll up your windows and re-circulate your air conditioning if you are even DRIVING PAST a homeless encampment.
Darryl DuFay
… Looks like accommodating a couple more million people to California’s population is the answer.  Complex and perplexing!
… Health fraud exposed.
…Taylor Bazley, Bonin’s Venice Deputy made a presentation on “A Bridge Home.  This is Mayor Eric Garcetti’s, aka, Presidential Candidate, $20 million dollar “temporary” program to place emergency shelters on vacant city parcels.  It is described as an “incentive” program – others comments that it kind of sounds more like a “bribe.”  If you don’t use it, present homeless encampments will not be cleared up.  Oh, don’t worry, the City of Los Angeles is only 6,000 requests behind on cleaning right now.
Consider this.  The $20 million is divided among the 15 council districts.  That is only $1.5 million per district.  There are emergency shelters proposed for the parking lot at the El Pueblo Historical Monument near Olivera St. in downtown LA.  Five trailers:  Three for a total of 60 people.  One for showers and toilets.  One for social workers.  Costs:  $2.3 million to set it up.  $1.3 million each succeeding year.
… Hum!  $1.5 million.  Sounds like the normal “political” sweet talk by a candidate in full election mode.


Anonymous from Community of 4th Ave at Rose
I am kept awake every other night by people shouting and arguing on the street outside, We endlessly find human poop on the doorstep or the garage door dripping with pee as we open it each morning. The pavement is strewn with tents and stolen bikes, rubbish, syringes, used condoms, it’s beyond disgusting.My (streetwise) girlfriend doesn’t feel safe leaving the house at night. Every time I drive down the back alley there are sketchy people taking or dealing drugs.
I know how hard the police work and appreciate that it’s impossible to patrol every street and deal with every one of these incidents but something has to be done. It’s disturbing. Especially for families who have babies!  At the very least the city should come and remove the rubbish, it looks like someone emptied a skip in three places along the street and the cleaning trucks don’t go anywhere near it?


Amy Alkon
Thanks so much for those contacts for people who have homeless encampments. I see on Next Door that those numbers are really needed!


Jody  Eldred

What a beautiful tribute to the life work of Steve and Regina Weller. These are people who were God’s hands and feet… who served those who most viewed as “untouchables” but who Steve and Regina knew were precious children created in God’s image, for whom Jesus died. Weller House is a lasting legacy to their work, and every single soul who lives in that beautiful facility– created with love and furnished with beauty and style to show respect for the occupants– will feel valued and loved… something sorely missing in their lives.

Steve heard the words, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”, last September when he arrived in Heaven’s shore. Wherever Regina ends up, she will someday hear those words too. May we all live lives worthy of the legacy they have left in Venice.

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