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Bonin Asks You to Sign Petition Requesting A Developer for WLA VA Campus

Dear Friends,


Our veterans need our help.

The men and women who served and sacrificed for our country need us to demand that the Veterans Administration move urgently to implement a Master Plan for the West LA Veterans Administration campus and swiftly house our region’s homeless veterans.

Our veterans need us to support the VA’s efforts to move forward as quickly as possible by choosing a principal developer to shape and guide the campus’ development, instead of using a sluggish, piecemeal, building-by-building approach that could take decades. Please join me and Vets Advocacy in supporting this urgent call to action.

The 388-acre West LA Veterans Administration property was deeded exclusively and permanently for veterans’ use. While 5,000 veterans lived on the property at the time of the Korean War, the VA has not fulfilled this promise for several decades. A 2015 legal settlement with homeless and disabled veterans called for implementation of a Master Plan that focuses use of the site on housing and services for veterans, encouraging and promoting reintegration of veterans into civilian life. A cornerstone of that Master Plan is 1,200 supportive homes for homeless veterans. We need it now more than ever.

Every day, constituents on the Westside tell me that they are ashamed of the way this nation neglects those who gave their highest service, and they want fast action to help our veterans. Now, I’m asking you to join with your neighbors and show that our communities are standing together in support of our veterans.

Please sign the petition. Let’s show Los Angeles that the neighborhoods of the Westside support our veterans. Let’s show them that we support strong and urgent efforts to end veteran homelessness. After decades of failure and neglect, let’s show them that we are determined to be the generation and the community that gets this right.


Councilmember, 11th District

Comments (4)

  1. Venice guy

    As long as it not in Venice. I will sign anything

  2. Christine

    Factual errors throughout. VA hasn’t gone by Veterans “Administration” since 1989. You should correct all references to reflect the correct name of the agency – Veterans “AFFAIRS.” Your credibility is pretty well crushed now…

    • reta

      Thank you so much Christine. As editor of the Venice Update, I didn’t know or I would have changed it in Bonin’s letter. Thank you for the correction. Wow, since 1989.

    • Will

      That does nothing at all to crush Reta’s credibility. It’s still the damn agency that fails to serve the veterans that sacrifice their lives for our country and almost everyone still calls it by the Veteran’s Administration…there’s no confusion who we’re talking about here.

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