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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

First of Venice Design Series Events was Magical as Billed

It was called Magic Malibu and that it was!  

First of the six events for this year’s Venice Design Series was held last Sunday. It was a tour of the Wing House, made from the wing of a 747 aircraft and designed by Venice’s own architect David Hertz. It is high in the Malibu hills and considered one of the 100 most extraordinary houses in the United States.

Linda Lucks and Jay Griffith absolutely do not stop warming the hearts of Venetians and challenging their imaginations. First it was the Home and Garden show that ran in Venice for more than 25 years and brought people from all over California. Now it is the fourth year of the Venice Design Series. One wonders how these two can keep topping themselves.

First of the six events for this year was held last Sunday. It was a tour of the Wing House, made from the wing of a 747 aircraft and designed by Venice’s own architect David Hertz. It is considered one of the 100 most extraordinary houses in the United States. 

In addition to touring the house made from a 747, owner Francie Rehwald’s garden or yard consists of the set from the movie King and I. Originally, the land was owned by set designer and designer extraordinaire of many things, Tony Duquette. Duquette had the set moved to his property. His original house burned and he lived in and on the set for years.

The tour included lunch in the King and I set.

David Hertz and his wife Laura Doss-Hertz just bought an old hunting lodge with 40 acres adjoining Rehwald’s Wing House. They plan to do “something” with it. They allowed all to tour their house also.

The remaining events are shown below. All monies benefit the Venice Community Housing Corporation. For information contact Linda Lucks at llucks@vchcorp.org


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  1. Anonymous

    As in the past, the contributors to these fund raisers are promised insider access to the Mayor and LA City Officials for other issues, sort of like lawyer Michael Cohen offered access to the President. I remember Lucks billing herself as one of “Antonio’s Girls” when that scoundrel was in office. The whole thing is a sham, and has been for years, but the number of homeless campers had never been this large in the past. In the end it is tax deductible and when questioned about the homeless massing in Venice and all along the California coast, they can proudly say that they have done their part. And in a way, they have. It is the City and the local social services that are not using that financial help wisely and are loath to show anyone their books (either set…) and either they are remiss at publicizing positive outcomes or have few to publicize.

  2. Publius

    Last year’s Venice Design Series accumulated $250,000 for ‘Case Management” that never existed, and the one unqualified person they
    had claiming to do some of those duties, did not, and was hired and fired at great public expense, and replaced with more sure Venice Community Housing Corporation waste.

    Until the Oversight and Accountability law is updated in this State, as it has been in others. Ethics and Transparency sadly lacking,
    and Steve Clare, the real estate lawyer who owns all the VCH properties given them by a compassionate electorate, brought a
    Policy Activist in as Director at 140K plus a seemingly unlimited
    budget for new staff hired and fired, amidst failing the Permanent
    Supportive Housing paradigm by turning it into waste and infamous
    blight and serial violence on Horizon Ave, where this is also no Residential Management, so this will unavoidably occur, and does
    every day.

    These donated funds, like the Grants and other donations, never
    used to provide exactly what Linda Lucks advertises here.

    It’s helpful to understand she’s a subsidized PR Professional
    that lives out of the zip code, and has personally refused
    to support the suffering women who were abused and sexually
    assaulted by their management, and made Patient Rights and other
    official Reports making the specifics absolutely clear.

    Last year while participants enjoyed synchronized swimmers
    performing in a private pool on an estate, one more time
    there were dozens of Pac Div LAPD responding to one of VCH
    calls emergency response. Ironic as they are always suing them
    and spreading Becky Dennison’s usual anti-police propaganda
    from a very safe affluent surroudnings far from the zip and
    the danger that has been documented by public and private parties,
    which has been very easy to access.

    Dennison, like Lucks, hasn’t made an uncontrolled appearance
    since late 2016, and she’s only on the job two years, and at
    what expense? We do know the results are nil and the millions
    fly by as things get reliably worse and more dangerous w
    seasonal influx.

    And the folks paying ten thousand dollars a table last year,
    among the hopeful architects and real estate agents that inahbit
    these, had every compassionate intention and were relying on Lucks
    and Clare to be presenting an honest paradigm, which they did not.

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