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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampments — Call your SLO

When you have an encampment, call your senior lead officer (SLO). The SLO has charge of an area. Remember that they work 12-hour days and have more than two days off.


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  1. Anonymous

    This back and forth between kind hearts and realists has been going on since 1993, when some neighbors in the Rose Ave area decided to look into the relationship between government and privately funded nonprofit services for the homeless and why the millions spent did not seem to translate to housing or employing more that a handful each year. When they organized, they had to suffer the slings and arrows of the City, that needed a place to store the street and RV dwellers, the local social services, that were collecting millions and getting free property from the City, and the Venice “we prefer the dirt, crime and attitudes – after all, this is ART, people who were loud enough to help the status quo. It went on for years and there is little different except the numbers are much larger today, the mix of people who want help as opposed to just living drunk and drugged on the beach is a bit different. The Jones thing just makes living on the street here even more attractive. While a number of people like Will and the VNC Homeless Committee have noble intentions, all of the program and housing intentions will not even put a dent into the actual problem (except maybe the Veterans programs at the VA) and does nothing to change the street and beach campers who have no intention of doing anything different than what they are doing now. It is all an expensive and time consuming sham that will change little, if anything, around here.

  2. Rick Swinger

    Most people here fail to notice that majority of folks who camp next to Public Storage are nomadic travelers who do not want your social services and shelters. Yes they will take your old couch you dump on 3rd and some of your old produce that feed more area Norway Rats than humans.

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