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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Mayor, Bonin Propose “Bridge Housing”

By David Graham-Caso, chief of staff to Councilman Mike Bonin

Note:  It appears the City would like for members of the community to identify a place in the neighborhood where homeless could be put until better shelter is provided.  In return, the City would clean up the present encampments.

Venice Update suggests the 90 Freeway median from the Marina Garden Center to Culver Blvd.  That is more than enough room to tent them, provide porta potties, and services.  Please provide bus tickets for those visiting our state.

Earlier this week, in his State of the City address, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a new program that will help end the homelessness crisis in our neighborhoods.

Los Angeles has housed 30,000 people in the past four years, but homelessness continues to grow. Today, we face a stark choice between allowing people to live in encampments on our sidewalks or offering them an alternative. The mayor’s “A Bridge Home” initiative offers that alternative – “bridge housing” that will provide temporary shelter until permanent housing is identified.

Modeled after a program to be opened in downtown Los Angeles near the El Pueblo monument, “A Bridge Home” will identify existing encampments, focus dedicated outreach workers to the people who live there, and offer them shelter in the neighborhood. Once the temporary facilities are opened, the City will provide significant sanitation services to the area to clean up former encampments.

Now, we need your help identifying which encampments should be our priority. Please take a moment to visit this link and offer your suggestions for which encampments the City should focus on first, and where in the nearby area you suggest the City place temporary bridge housing.

Angelenos are demanding action on homelessness. Voters have stepped up twice, and we are starting to approve the supportive housing we need. But that solution takes time – and we need alternatives to sidewalk encampments in the meantime. That’s why “A Bridge Home” so important.

Comments (4)

  1. Nick

    Why is a Bonin staffer allowed to author pro-Bonin public policy propaganda?

  2. Grant

    I live across from the Venice post office. Each and every camper is in the 18-30 yr old range and have bikes, surfboards, REI-type tents, blow-up mattresses, and cars. These are campers, not homeless. The encampment has doubled in size since December.

  3. Billy Bathgate

    The solution to this problem is to get out of the way of the Federal Govt. and let ICE do its job deporting the 1,000,000 illegal immigrants in this city who are taking up thousands and thousands of rental units and causing this housing shortage. But that is never going to happen because all of the Democrats here would rather put the illegals to work and see the homeless thrown under the bus and disrespected like they’re the ones who have no legal right to be here. So suck it up Democrats. You have made your bed. Now you have to lie in it.

    • Bill how true u have said it. Boyle Heights. Lincoln Heights, and East Los Angeles we have 5 to 8 family members living in 1 or two bedrooms with onee bathroom. These tenants that hold the rental agreements sneak in all these people. Some of my workers have had to move because it has become so unsafer for their families. The land lords who tend to be latinos do not give a damn. We have a serious problem. AND our politicians know about it.

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