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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Hardscape is having hard time with some homeless abuse


Venetians are looking for solutions for the “hardscape” that has been damaged by homeless abuse. Putting “stuff” on top of the plans is not good at all. Even hardscape plants need water at least twice a month.

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  1. Publius

    “Housing is now invaded by financial actors: banks, pension funds, private equity firms, shareholders and rich individuals – all of whom view housing predominantly as a place to park excess capital.”
    Leilani Farha
    U.N. Human Rights Council

    Steve Clare enjoys massive real estate holdings and Investment Equity thru Venice Community Housing Corporation in direct partnership with St. Joseph Center cumulatively grabbed $20 Million JUST LAST YEAR. The real-world results are horrific.

    These funds support a massive sub-culture of ‘self reported’ programs with no Accountabilty, Oversight or Transparency, and the trackable
    results of their ‘case’ and other ‘management’ shows horrifying serial violence, zero Residential Management, (tho fully subsidized including apartment and salary) and a series of direct sexual assaults by management employees STILL being protected by senior staff in ‘unit voucher lease’ related agencies.

    Steve Clare hired old crony Becky Dennison, after going through an “arduous process” over months…to hire his old pal, who then hired 8 more unqualified full-time ‘with generous benefits’ Identity Politics ‘gatekeepers’ to further divide and conquer tenants and community.
    The suffering these women went through trying to report, and the terror they were subjected to after courageously speaking up.

    Chaos itself is a necessary ingredient when “Managing Community Opposition” is the game plan, and psychological marketing weaponizes social media, increasingly allowing bad actors to project any nonsense at all, or claim any association.

    Fortunately, in an ironic sense, 90291 Does have the blight, filth and danger of the Horizon Ave. project, (FULLY funded, and ‘staffed’ with ‘billing codes’ for ‘service units’ always sizzling on the griddle).

    Horizon is THE key showcase example of how these ‘non profits’ operate; and over the entire span of the purchase, and then thru each of the twenty units over time, the First Responder calls and other materials responsibly documented under direct threat and injury.

  2. Nick Z

    Isn’t this damaging city property? Seems like the City should be able to remove the stuff without a 24-hour notice, just come by and throw it away.

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