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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Two Encampments Gone This Week, More to Go

This week the LAPD cleaned the area between the north and southbound lanes of 90 freeway just behind the Marina Garden Center and the Oxford Triangle area, two name areas, not spot encampments.

Last week the LAPD cleared two large encampments — Venice Blvd encampment and the east part of the 90 freeway just south of Culver.

Other areas of encampment are the Venice post office, 3rd Ave, and the Ocean Front Walk area and small encampments throughout Venice that start as one and grow quickly. One such recent group encampment to spring up in 4th and Rose.

Oxford Triangle Area
Javier Ramirez, senior lead office, was notified about the encampments at the yard. He took care of the yard and said Sanitation would be out Monday (30 April). The alley between Stanford and Yale had a large encampment that was blocking the alley and garages the length of about four houses. This was removed. Various areas throughout the Triangle had signs of homeless with people sleeping on the parkway, bikes locked to signs.


Venice Post Office
The post office seems to have grown a couple of spots since last week. The film below shows the post office. Jay, who hales from Michigan, is sweeping and cleaning. Her boyfriend moved out and to Ocean Front Walk so she was “blowing off steam” as she put it.

4th and Rose spot encampmrnt
Senior Lead Officer Kristan Delatori was notified. “It took over 48 hours,” stated Nikoletta Skarlatos. “The men across the street had a chainsaw and a bat among other things. Their belongings were attached to Public Storage’s fence, which is against the law. Their furniture and tents blocked the sidewalk which is against the Jones Settlement.”

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