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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice has 43.5 Percent of CD11 Homeless; 66.7 Percent of CD11 Youth

Darryl DuFay,  after finding some more figures for the homeless sheltered, unsheltered, has come up with some revealing statistics for CD11.

By Darryl DuFay

The 2017 Homeless data does not have a community break out for the Youth Count, probably because it was so small.  In CD11 is was only 171.  However, a different summary count just for Venice showed the separate Youth Count of 114.  Venice has 66.7% of the Youth Count in CD11. In total Venice has 43.5% of the homeless in our Council District 11.  See the Summary below.

The data for Skid Row was added to show the comparison.

Homeless Data for Council District 11 Communities and Skid Row 2016/2017

Screen Shot 2018-04-21 at 8.36.10 AMhttps://www.lahsa.org/dashboards?id=13-greater-los-angeles-homeless-count-by-city-community Population and Square Miles from Internet. Community Names from CD11 website. August 29, 2017

Comments (3)

  1. Nick

    What a great job Bonin is doing making Venice the capital of LA homeless.

  2. Nick Z

    Billy, while I agree that LA need to build more housing, and you are right that no one can force you to go to a shelter, the reason you are allowed to camp/RV on the streets of Venice is not because you have some inherent right to live wherever you want, it’s because laws (with rare exception) cannot target one group of people for discrimination. It is perfectly constitutional to put limits on public behavior on public property, meaning banning camping or storing possessions on public property. It just has to apply to everyone. The issue here in LA is that the courts have determined that because there are no shelter/storage options for homeless people, any law that bans camping/storing on public property is actually targeting homeless. In NY for example, there are enough shelter beds for the homeless population, so NY can enforce laws about camping/storing on public property. The courts have not said that LA is required to provide you with shelter that you find acceptable, they have said LA just needs to provide you a bed off the street. LA is about 40,000 beds short, so that hurdle is not about to be met soon especially with CEQA and NIMBYs, but there is a scenario where you will not be able to camp wherever you want and may have to take that shelter bed or else camp somewhere less desirable than the streets of Venice.

  3. Billy Bathgate

    Until Los Angeles figures out a way to bring rents down the numbers of homeless will continue to rise throughout the city. It is absolutely ridiculous that you now have to make around 80,000 a year just to afford a cheap apartment in Los Angeles. And the reason that the numbers of homeless aren’t a whole lot bigger than they already are is because a lot of people are living 4 or 5 people to an apartment because it is the only way they can afford the rents anymore. But not everybody wants to live that way. I lived here in Venice right on the beach back in the late 80’s, ended up moving back to Hollywood in 1990 because the rents were getting too steep for me. I had an apartment in Hollywood for 16 years that I got evicted out of at which point I spent the next year and a half renting bedrooms in 3 different houses in the Valley, all of them more expensive than the apartment I had been evicted out of. Finally, after the last one I just decided to become “homeless.” And frankly I prefer being homeless to any of the solutions that any of the wealthy elitists are proposing for us. I have no interest in going into any shelters or any kind of shared living quarters and there is no law that you can pass that can compel me to do so. The last thing I want to do every night is get on a bus with a bunch of down and out depressed & destitute people and go to some shelter where I’m going to be fed some crappy charity dinner and told what time to go to bed. What myself and a lot of other homeless people need are reasonably priced apartments where we can live on our own that aren’t so ridiculously over-priced that you have to make 1500 a week just to afford them. What we don’t need is any of your “supportive” housing or a bunch of social workers “out-reaching” to us and assuming that just because we’re homeless that it must be because we’re alcoholics, drug addicts or mentally ill people who need their help.

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