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Ryavec Proposes Pursuit of Just De-Annexing Venice

Mark Ryavec proposed that cities formerly independent can opt out of being part of  Los Angeles via legislation.  This he proposed at the VEXIT Town Hall Thursday night.   Now he says “just address de-annexation of Venice.”

At the VEXIT Town Hall, Ryavec proposed the first idea but Jim Murez said that would never happen because the only other “former” city within Los Angeles is San Pedro.  Jim Murez said Los Angeles would never release San Pedro because of the Port of Los Angeles.

Ryavec’s new solution is to make a Motion to just address the de-annexation of Venice.

“The wording of the Motion to just apply to Venice can be accomplished in a variety of ways; the language below is just one possibility,” wrote Ryavec.  Here is his version.

Whereas, Venice was an independent city when residents voted in 1926 to annex itself to the City of Los Angeles; and

Whereas, Venice residents deserve the right to consider reversing that decision free from the burden of it being rejected by other residents living in the rest of Los Angeles; and 

Whereas, Venice residents desire the increased responsiveness of municipal government seen in smaller units of local government, such as our neighbors Santa Monica, Culver City, Malibu and West Hollywood; and

Whereas, Venice is not well served by a city government with only 15 council people for a population of almost four million residents; 

Now, therefore be it resolved that the Venice Neighborhood Council formally requests  the City of Los Angeles to sponsor and support State legislation to amend the Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000 to void the City of Los Angeles’ right to cause the termination of a detachment request pending before a local area formation commission submitted by a former city which earlier voted to join the City of Los Angeles and does not contain within its borders an airport or port; and further, to amend that Act to remove the City of Los Angeles’ right to subject detachment of a former city now located within its borders which does not contain within its borders an airport or port to a vote of all voters in the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles.

“I also would suggest that the advice of Marcus Ruiz Evans from Calexit be pursued,” he wrote.    “I think that the next step for the Venice Neighborhood Council is to raise the funds to retain an accounting firm or economic forecasting firm to perform the analysis of all taxes and fees collected from Venice, not just property taxes.  To that purpose, the Venice Stakeholders Association is open to providing to a professional firm the responses from the City’s Recreation and Parks Department to our public nuisance lawsuit interrogatories outlining the amount of income derived from the Venice Beach Recreation Area from filming and special events in the Venice Beach Recreation Area, which should be considered in such a study of prospective income to the City of Venice.” 



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