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“1200 Homes for Vets on VA Campus” Hears from Brentwood Homeowners Association

The Brentwood Homeowners Association sent a five-page letter to United States Department of Veteran Affairs regarding a plan for what went out in a press release as “1200 homes on VA Campus.”

There is a meeting scheduled for 26 April, 5:30 to 7 pm at the West LA VA Medical Center, Building 500, R00m 1281, to hear about the proposal.

It was stated in the press release that the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System announced a proposal to enter into a 75-year lease with a principal developer in order to develop 1200 homes for homeless veterans at the VA West LA campus and build a real veteran community.

The Brentwood Homeowners Association letter states:

The development must be done in accordance with legally required procedures and process. In this case, the Proposal and the Project are unlawful because:

1. The Public Hearing Notice is legally deficient, ambiguous, and incomplete.
2. The Proposal and the Project, and any approval of the Project, prior to full NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act) compliance, violates the Los Angeles Homeless Veterans Leasing Act of 2015 (“Act”), including specifically Section 2(f)(2) of the Act, and violates the requirements of NEPA.


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  1. Start here for critical facts…


    … Click any event for links to supporting docs.

    There’s still a lot of shocking information I’ve yet to publish on that site. If you want to know more, or have questions about the site, etc., feel free to email me at rt@nhdvs.net

    • Billy Bathgate

      I have an idea. Instead of housing the homeless in a former jailhouse how about we start arresting all of you who are hiring all of the illegal immigrants around here and put you all in real jails ? I know you people think because you’re “taxpayers” that you get to pick and choose which laws you want to ignore but that is not the way it works. Employing illegal immigrants is against the law. And you all know damned well that most of these latino nannies, gardeners and handymen you’re putting to work around here are all in this country illegally. you’re all a bunch of hypocrites calling the homeless criminals. Many of you are criminals too.

  2. Brentwood are a bunch of limousine liberals. They VA is the perfect placement for the vets where else do they have to go. It’s federal land.

  3. The Dogs of Venice

    Brentwood are a bunch of limousine liberals. They VA is the perfect placement for the vets where else do they have to go. It’s federal land.

  4. Will

    Shameful…This vast campus was donated specifically to be a convalescent home for US soldiers and was built 30 years before Brentwood even existed. The campus (and our vets) have been neglected, mismanaged and underutilized for decades. It’s about time that the VA did something to utilize this facility for what is was intended for and to properly serve the men and woman who sacrificed their lives to serve our country and protect our democracy.

    It’s one thing to oppose new construction in an area that is already congested. But this campus was built over 100 years ago to specifically serve up to 5,000 vets. And even with this current plan to house only 1,200 vets it’s still woefully under-serving the veteran community and under utilizing the intentied use of this property. The people of Brentwood are completely out of touch and have a lot of explaining to do.

    History of West LA VA Campus:

    • Nick Z

      It will be interesting to see how Garcetti and Bonin respond. Brentwood is a major source of Democratic funding not just locally, but nationally. Garcetti clearly has national ambitions, too early to tell for Bonin. Siding with a bunch of hypocritical Democratic donors over veterans, would be the death of a national campaign. Not siding with the Brentwood NIMBYs could also doom them from a fundraising perspective.

  5. Nick Z

    Brentwood NIMBYs are definitely crazier than Venice NIMBYs; I think everyone can agree on the relative comparison at least.

    • Billy Bathgate

      No they’re not. If tomorrow it was announced that the Venice Median Project was going to be built exclusively for homeless veterans the same vocal minority here in Venice who oppose what’s currently being proposed for that parking lot would still be opposed to it.

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