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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Blvd Homeless Encampment Goes

(Photo by William Hawkins)
This was the Venice Blvd encampment.

Sanitation moving stuff out Thursday.

(Photo by William Hawkins.)
After the cleanup.

The Venice Blvd encampment, which was along Venice Blvd near Abbot Kinney, was removed Thursday morning (19 April) thru the joint effort of the LAPD and the Bureau of Sanitation.

Comments (13)

  1. The Dogs of Venice

    What happened to all the bum programs. They didn’t swoop in to help the bums into housing. They moved across the street.

  2. They are still there grouped up outside the fence !

  3. Rick Swinger

    Good job Will. Is Public Storage Camp Dump Next?

  4. Hobis

    They have moved across the street to the south side of Venice blvd. Literally, across the street.

  5. Sea

    Good Will hunting, thank you for your help.
    Let’s keep making Venice safe and clean,
    And by the way, it’s not Venice residents responsibility to care for the homeless, or find other places for them, most come from places 100s to 1000s of miles away and come here for the weather, government tolerance, and free food, clothing, services, drugs and ease of the tourist hustle

    • Billy Bathgate

      Actually most are from here. 57% of L.A.’s homeless population are people who have lived in L.A. for 20 years or longer.

      • reta

        Please introduce me to the people from LA. I have only found two from a local area in the times I have been talking to homeless. Please show me your statistics. If it is from the homeless count, it is based on all of LA and I question that.

        • Billy Bathgate

          Yes the numbers are from the L.A. homeless count. They are official numbers. If you don’t believe them it is obviously going to be a waste of time to discuss this matter any further with you.

  6. Hobis

    Nice, but where are they moving to next? This does not solve the problem. SOLVE THE PROBLEM and stop moving these people from one encampment to another.

  7. The Dogs of Venice

    Good going Will. Getting rid of the bums.

    • Will

      Its not about “getting rid of the bums”…its about creating a safe environment for both those who are housed and unhoused. These encampments create terribly inhumane and unsafe conditions for those who live in them. And the crime associated with people living in those encampments and the amount of trash and waste generated by them have a severe and negative effect on the neighbors and businesses that are around them.

      Sadly, none of the people living in this particular encampment on Venice/Electric took advantage of any of the housing or services offered to them by C3 workers on-site yesterday and not a single person I personally talked to was interested in housing or services assistance either. Each and every one said they preferred living on the street and did not want any assistance in getting housed. And not a single one of them was from LA or California. They were from Texas, Oregon, Tennessee and Colorado and other communities back east with many only in Venice for less than a year. I don’t need a LAHSA report to know that…I continue to hear it directly from the mouths of those who are living it.

      Letting encampments like this grow out of control is not the answer. The city should be providing housing and services to the people who are the most vulnerable and seeking assistance and the LAPD should be allowed to enforce all the laws that keep our community safe…and that means it’s safe for everyone. In this case it means that people need to pack up their stuff and get off the sidewalks between 6am and 9pm as stated in the Jones Settlement and it’s been the lack of that enforcement has allowed these encampments to thrive. Bottom line is that LAPD is understaffed and that means Venice is underserved. We need to be more vocal about this and get more police out of their cruisers and walking beats in our community.

      The fact that the City is allowing people to live in such dangerous conditions is shameful and appalling. Whether it be MRSA infections, starvation, mental illness, assaults or an innocent homeless person getting run over and killed by a SUV in an alleyway…this is not how a civilized and prosperous society treats their weak and vulnerable.

      Allowing and enabling people to live on the streets like this is not being altruistic, caring or even sympathetic. All it’s doing is allowing a dangerous and unhealthy epidemic to magnify and as long as we allow it the longer will continue to destroy more and more lives in the process. From what I’ve seen I believe we need an equal balance of Housing, Mental Health Services and Enforcement to solve this problem.

      • SAL

        Not that I don’t like gardening… but all these community gardens that the city owns and rents out should be turned into homeless encampments… plots of land/tents/camping to be rented out. porta potties to homeless aren’t sh*tting in the streets, etc. Let them have their own communities they need and create on our streets… but in a condensed area. x people for x plots of land. And then l build community gardens in ideal spots so the community can actually enjoy them and not have the so called gardens you have now behind gate lock and key in non-traffic’d areas no one knows about….good luck westside

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