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BID Elects Connie Brooks to Board; Has Logo, Web Site, and Almost Ready


Connie Brooks, of  CBrooks Communications, was unanimously selected for the Venice Beach Business Improvement District (BID) board at the meeting 13 April.  She will be in charge of communications.

Meetings are held the second Friday of the month, 10 am at Mishkon Tephillo, 206 Main Street, Santa Monica. Public is invited.

Next month Allied Universal will give a presentation.

It was announced that the group selected the  blue and orange logo as shown above, has a web site at VeniceBeachBID.Com, and is shooting for 1 May implementation of services.  The phone system is not working , nor do they have uniforms for the employees but the board is optimistic that they will get close to a 1 May start date.

As part of their business meeting, they did agree to send notification to the police department and council office that they felt they needed a dedicated senior lead officer for an area that included the BID district.

They reiterated that their services were complementary to the city services provided.  They also stated they had sent the letter to the City Clerk regarding the refund for year not used.

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