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Homeless Man Stabbed by Homeless Man on 3rd

stabbing (Photo by Rick Swinger.)

A homeless man was stabbed on 3rd Ave between Sunset and Rose Ave by another homeless man at approximately 3:15 pm Thursday. The victim was taken to the hospital and the man who did the stabbing was apprehended.

According to Captain John Roberts of LAPD Pacific Division, “The attack was the result of a fight between two homeless men.  One, a man in his early 70’s, had a knife; the other, a man in his 50’s, had a cooking pan.  The younger man was stabbed multiple times in the chest and remains hospitalized. “

According to a neighbor who wants to remain anonymous, the two men lived on opposite sides of the street and the two of them along with a woman, who was also homeless, were arguing and had been arguing for days. The argument heated up.

The neighbor called St. Joseph Center’s emergency help center at 12:15 pm and asked for someone to help. St. Joseph’s Center has an outreach team and one of the members is trained to handle mentally ill. The neighbor said the one who got stabbed was observed to be mentally ill.

Two nicely dressed people from St. Joseph’s Center passed the neighbor on the street just prior to the stabbing. Neighbor asked if they would help and they said they were in “fund raising.”

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  1. The Dogs of Venice

    How many of you residents have to get stabbed or killed before you wake up. The Police aren’t going to protect you and the St. Joseph’s Center breads this sh*t and wipes your noses in it.

    • We got broken into last week. Two days,later a homeless individual stalked two tenants of mine. They had to call 911. Our alley has become dangerous. We are being affected by the encampment on Veince Blvd. Next to EREWHON. We are sick of the whole irresponsible situation.
      We want LEGAL solutions.
      We are hostage of Carol Sobels Jones Act. We are hostage of a Sanctuary City policy, WHERE I have met two foreigners that rather be here homeless than go home. Corruption is at its highest in this State and City. My workers have to be careful because they are being followed to be robbed. WE have a a Mayor contemplating running for President that can’t solve our City problems.

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