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Orange County About to Get “Sobel” Effect?

By Darryl DuFay

Looks like Orange County is about to experience the “Carol Sobel” effect (Jones Settlement).  Encampments cannot be removed because the homeless can sleep where ever they want in a any public place.  They cannot be criminalized for not having a place to go.

Noticed that the cities of Santa Ana and Venice unsheltered homeless numbers are very close.  Venice has 943.  Santa Ana has 1,030.  However, that’s where the closeness ends.

Area (square miles)
Venice           3.1
Santa Ana    27.5

Venice         42,000
Santa Ana   334,000


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  1. Anonymous

    The Jones thing will never be settled. The numbers keep changing as the general homeless population increases. Also, look at what is proposed for the various projects around Venice. Artist units,? Changing zoning? Building on some of the most expensive property in the world, that requires community input and years of meetings and zoning plan approval? No one is really serious about helping people. They are about transferring tax money to the nonprofit builder/operators and making political hay for future campaigns. The people on the beach and living on the streets around Rose will be there regardless. They don’t want to move to housing anyhow and pretty much, this is where the powers-that-be have decided to store them. It is happening all over the coast, but Venice has the distinction of combining better services, a tourist element they can both exploit and hide among, and a permissive atmosphere provided by the very law that will never be settled.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah…Venice has 300 Homeless ppl per square mile and Santa Ana has 35 ppl homeless square mile. Venice has one homeless person per 45 residents and Santa Ana has one homeless person for every 336 residents.

    We also have hundreds of available shelter beds that go unused with roughly a 70% vacancy rate in any given night.

    The majority of Venice homeless are travelers that do not want housing, do not want services and are here due to the permissive atmosphere driven by the terms of the Jones Settlement that prohibits LAPD from enforcing the law.

    The path to solving the homeless problem in this city is through the Jones Settlement. You won’t see any changes without satisfying the terms of that first. Then you can enforce the laws and the people who really need and want help will be the only ones left on the street.

  3. And who do you think they call by the dozens when things go blooey?
    Could it be our same officers Becky has made a career out of denigrating? Hmmmmmm

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